How can I take apart to clean my Hoover Windtunnel?


I had a new vacuum, used it three times, then realized it no longer sucked. When I flipped it over, I found the thing was so utterly clogged with dirt and pet hair that I’m having to take it apart. The dirt is literally SOLIDIFIED, to the point it’s like dried clay and I’m having to chip it off with a screw driver.

I got the bottom part, the roller-brush thing, and the casing for the brush off, but the clog goes right down the tube up inside the vacuum. I need to figure out how to get to the tunnel to clean it! Is there a website or something with actual pictures to help me? I can’t find anything with Google or by going to the Hoover site.

Note, it’s a bagless, twin-champer HEPA-filter Hoover Windtunnel with a 12-am motor.


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