Vacuum that WILL Pick up Cat Litter?


Since owning our cat, we have been through 3 vacuums, all bagless. The first one was a Hoover that lasted about two years before losing its suction. The second was a Bissell. The Bissell worked pretty well, but the attachments hardly had any suction. Then, out of the blue, it melted my living room area rug one day. We got rid of that and moved on to vacuum #3: a Eureka. This one is the worst vacuum I’ve ever owned. I liked it initially. Then it started clogging so bad that we had to disassemble the vacuum to get out the wads of dust & cat hair. Now we’ve only had it for like 4 months and it spits out more than it sucks up.

It’s not like we just suck up litter straight out of her box. But when she steps out of her box, she gets litter on the carpet right in front of it. I need a vacuum that can handle daily use. However, I cannot afford some 0 Dyson. Price range is 0 or less. Thanks!


  1. I know the Dyson is expensive, but it’s the only one that will hold up to cat litter. I have had my Dyson for more than 10 years and it’s still going strong. So in the end my initial investment in the Dyson has saved me money.

    good luck!

  2. i have a hoover and it works right now but what i do is use one of those little mini brooms and sweep up as much as i can before I vacuum it. it helps because i find the vacuum just kind of kicks it around and it just spews out sometimes hitting my leg as I am tring to clean.

    also get one of those mats that you put right out of their boxes that traps the litter from traveling around your place they sell them at petco

    or try a dust buster for those things…i find that helps too


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