Why won't my bagless vacuum suck? It's driving me crazy!?


I have a hoover bagless vacuum. Over time it has lost suction. I have cleaned the filter in the chamber next to where all the debris is collected and nothing is stuck underneath it. I don’t know much about the mechanical workings of a vacuum and don’t want to start tinkering if I don’t know what’s wrong.
Have you had this problem? How did you fix it?

I also have a lot of pet hair in my home and live in a dusty climate. Could this be part of my problem?
For the love of Tivo and Popeye’s chicken, please help me!


  1. you very easily could have a broken belt or a clog, either is very likely. even bagless cleaners have belts that keep the moving parts moving properly, and if they’re not, your suction will go down dramatically. you should have someone look at it though that knows what they’re doing. good luck!

  2. 2 places to look for a blockage
    check by the beater bar thats the brush part and the other one is the hose if you have the attachment pieces

  3. Say, that reminds me, what’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
    Answer, the position of the dirtbag, :>)

  4. The fact that is has lost suction gradually indicates a blockage, most likely a huge hairball, in the suction path from the beater-bar compartment. If you can disassemble it yourself, it should be easy to find. If not, take it to a Hoover service center.

    Rmoving the belt cover is usually a user friendly job, and there are instructions in the manual. Take the cover off, and look in the throat of the suction line at the back of the unit.

  5. I’m on my third vacuum in 8 years. Sometimes they just lose suction, die and there’s nothing you can do about it. I have 5 cats and each time I vacuum I have to dump the container at least twice. I also have to stick my hand up in there and pull down huge clumps of cat hair that get tangled around the filter area. If you’ve tried everything it may just be time for another vacuum (annoying). I currently have the Bissell ‘PowerForce’ Upright Bagless and it’s the best one I’ve used yet. I saw online that Wal-Mart has them for only $50. I know that eventually it will die like all my other vacuums but it’s been great so far…

  6. if it is anything like mine was , it is destined for the trash dump…i only wish i had researched this vacuum before i bought it and the one year warranty was up…come to find out it is junk, it constantly clogged as it gets used over time(little over a year old and it was clogging)……consumer reports recommended Eureka as the best at the time..i wish i had known this and taken their advice before i bought this piece of junk several years ago

    i now own a Eureka and i love it ….great suction on the edges near walls too when i vacuum…i will never buy another Hoover again

    P.S. i also have alot of pet hair and dust, i live in Texas, worst place for dust i have ever lived so far

  7. “P.S. i also have alot of pet hair and dust, i live in Texas, worst place for dust i have ever lived so far”

    That’s a pretty broad statement condidering Texas is a state of 268,601 square miles LOL. Sounds like you live in the San Antonio or west Tx area which of course can be dusty. Try living in Palm Springs, Ca. or the indland empire of Ca. Then you’d see some dust.

    I’d venture to say your problem is pet hair not dust however. Pet hair is a killer of all vacuum cleaner suction pathways. The wind tunnel is one unit that prevents it from getting into the motor however and that is a good thing. With pets in a home one needs to clean this vacuum often, especially the hoses coming from the hand tool section and the floor section. This vacuum when clean (or new) does and incredile job of cleaning. Maintenance is needed though. You can’t expect a vacuum with this type of intense filtration to run long without cleaning. Your Eureka is no different.


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