A long lasting vacuum cleaner.. pls help!?


I bought a brand new HITACHI vacuum cleaner less than a year ago and yesterday, it wont suck. There were problems before of over-heating, it shuts its self off and will not turn on untill 2-3 hours has passed, and it was only a mere 5 minutes of vacuuming when this happens.

So instead of trying to get it repaired and my house terribly needs vacuuming, we need a new vac.

Im living in MALAYSIA atm, meaning no MIELE, DIRT DEVIL, HOOVER.
We have SAMSUNG, LG, HITACHI, PANASONIC, BOSCH, ELECTROLUX, PHILIPS. although i am not a fan of Korean Brands so Samsung and LG is out. DYSON is too expensive here.

I do have some allergies, and i don’t want to spend much on bags (here, dirt bags are expensive and limited in stores nearby), so bagless vacuum is ideal.

It needs to suck good/better than decent, and has good life-span because our neighbours electrolux lasted 18 years and just broke down. But i just want a range, and dont know if today’s electrolux is as powerful as before. Oh, and its a canister, no upright.



  1. I don’t know if Kirby is available where you are, but that’s my go to vacuum. I have never had any luck with any of the cheaper brands. We bought our first one soon after we got married, 35 years ago. I had it rebuilt once, but shipping is so high to send it to the company, that I look for vacuums on Ebay to use as parts. I bought a couple more Kirby vacuums at local auctions, so I have one for downstairs and one for upstairs. They are very heavy. Our original one got passed on to our son. Electrolux is also a good vacuum, but you may want to find a good older one, since nothing seems to be made to last these days. Same with a Kirby, unless you are willing to part with upwards of $1500.


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