alternative cheap way to clean carpet?


Happily married need help to clarify doubt about : alternative cheap way to clean carpet?
My carpet was just cleaned and is already dirty…it shows everything! I don’t want to have to get down on my hands and knees to spot clean (the entire carpet constantly needs cleaning!) and I cant afford to pay a carpet cleaner every week. Is there like a carpet shampooing/cleaning machine you can buy for around 100 dollars or ANYTHING I can do? Thanks!

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Answer by Grace
You could rent a ‘rug doctor’ carpet cleaning machine. The walmarts in my neighborhood have them. They are like $ 20 to rent for 24hours. I’ve heard that they work very well.

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  1. Get a steam cleaner.
    we used to have one and it worked wonders.
    its kinda like a small vacuum but you fill it with water and let it heat itself them you spray the floor and the heated water gets almost everything out of the carpet. =)

  2. ok…the easiest way i can think of to keep carpet clean is to first pay to have it cleaned again and then stop walking on it with your shoes on, eating in the living room, letting pets pee and poop everywhere, and vacume at least 1-2 times a week.

  3. I have white carpets (oatmeal) and sometimes 12 children running around counting all the neighborhood boys and the small children I watch + my 3 young boys. I washed them until they started to wrinkle only to find them getting dirty with in weeks. I then found Sears brand of “Dry Carpet Cleaner” which costs $ 26 dollars for a large box (in the appliance maintenance department) and it works “awesome”. It picks up spots that have been there forever and leaves the house smelling soooo fresh! It drys (you must lightly mist and brush in) in about 2 hours, and you will be amazed. Because there are no soap residues left behind, the carpet stays clean with regular vacuuming! I have my own carpet cleaning machine (high end model) which I am now getting rid of it! Try it, you will never go back to shampooing carpets again!

  4. MMMMM…Aside from the before mentioned “don’t wear shoes in the house…” I sprinkle my carpets with baking soda. It not only neutralizes odor, but it does pick-up “some” dirt as well. I also wet the brush roller of my vacuum when I vacuum everyday…I use regular old shaving cream not gel to spot clean any serious stains and blot with a towel to dry… You can also buy Resolve foam for high traffic areas that you spray, work into carpet with a brush and vacuum… That’s about all the tips I can think of….Oh yeah in the high traffic areas by doors if you can put a rug down…..

  5. There are lot of cheaper ways to clean your carpet then hiring a pro. Rug doctor rent for cheap, A steam cleaner will run you 150 and up, You can also ScochGard your carpet and it wouldn’t stain as easy.


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