An alternative to Dyson?


I am on my 3rd or 4th Dyson which i kept on buying for a new model or feature plus they are generally regarded as the best, but i have come to realise that they just don’t last very long.

It is a matter of several month to a year before i can see a notable reductuction in suction or before something breaks.

I empty it frequently and look after it, and when they do seem to break i dismantle them and clean them but it doesn’t help.

I need yet another new vacuum that is bagless with a super strong suction and good for pet hair.

What are the options?



  1. I have had my Morphy Richards Allergy bagless cylinder hoover for three years now and it comes with a turbo brush for pet hair and I think it’s great, the suction is great on it.

    ps If you need any food hoovered up, I’ll send my dog Yoshi round because he’s one of the best hoovers I’ve had haha!!

  2. Hi its Darran at Dyson.

    I am surprised to hear of the problems that you are experiencing with your Dyson vacuum cleaners. We test our products very thoroughly to ensure they work well and are durable.

    Providing they are maintained in accordance with the user guide in regards to washing the filters regularly and removing blockages that may occur from time to time, we would expect your machine to keep functioning correctly.

    I am sure we can help with your current Dyson. Please call us on 08002980298 (UK) or 1866MYDYSON (US). One of our advisors will be able to assist you.

    Kind regards

    Dyson Customer Service

  3. I was actually looking for the same question a few days ago. while trying to find the answer I found a way to obtain a Hoover Steam Cleaner and Dyson Ball vacuum for free from!! my vacuum and steam cleaner is arriving in 6 days n im so excited!!

    Good luck and have a new phone


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