any bugs in youre house that you dont want to get rid of?


very strange for me, i typically dislike any insects in the house. so i was vacuuming today, i love sucking up bugs in the vacuum and watching them spin around, its a bagless with a clear chamber. but i came across this one little beatle that has been crawling around on the kitchen floor for about a week now. hes so fun to watch just crawling around very slow and i didnt have the heart to suck him up. almost like a little pet. the dogs usually go nuts and crush spiders or any other insects but even they just sit and watch him roam around. he never even leaves the kitchen. when he gets up to the carpet in the dining room he turns around. im sure its just living off tiny crumbs of food on the floor. but is it weird to actually like having a bug in the kitchen? it doesnt get on the counters or anything. just crawls across the floor.


  1. ROFL,LOL I love this story! That’s cute bro! I know how you feel….hahaha I can’t stop laughing,you wrote that perfect! I’m the same way with Beetles,and esp moths. But you see here in Florida we have gecko’s and lizards that come in too,all good though,the look of a bug really helps it’s life expectancy in my house! ….lol

  2. Hummm….I am the same way, and every once in a while I will see a little "wonder"…and just let it be. Which in turn makes me feel good. I mean really…what are the chances that it’s gonna grow up over night and come eat my eyes outta my skull. Let’s give a whoop whoop for the little bugs!

  3. Misqueto Hawks, I love them. They eat misquetos, why get rid of such a wonderful insect that helps the community? Btw, if you see a misqueto hawk, DON’T KILL IT! They look like oversized misquetos (no joke) but they eat misquetos

  4. You should get rid of it in case you accidentally step on it, it will make a big mess. Also, most beetles can pinch, if a little kid were to pick it up, and they’re not very sanitary. All bugs need to stay outside, and away from food.

  5. There are no bugs in the house at the moment, but if there were, I’d definately want to get rid of them! Only enough room in this house for me and my hubby, cats, and dogs!

  6. Well, I like having certain spiders around the house in the summer because when the mosquito’s start to come out, they get caught in the webs. I also like watching ants in a jar of dirt in my kitchen.

  7. I don’t know how to say this , but we really need to find you something to do. Like get you to the park or take you to the movies , visit Grandma or something. Go to the library I think you have a bug fixation that is not healthy.Why not Put it in a terrarium type of container so it won’t get sucked up by accident . But to answer your last question , yes , it’s weird.

  8. I have a spider in my room right now…it’s been up next to an opening in my window…i enjoy it being there because if it weren’t there..then I’d have to deal with mosquitoes and a bunch of other irritating bugs getting inside…so it’s cool


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