Any mom's have a recommendation for a good vacuum (NOT bagless).?


I need to replace my old Hoover, which has served me well for 14 years. There are so many on the market now. I bought a Kenmore, but it’s so heavy. I’ve got an infant and toddler, so I’m vacuuming a lot. I would prefer one that is light weight and quiet, but has to clean well.


  1. I love the dyson vacume. We have one that is I think called the "animal" it is a great investment. It is the purple one. They are expensive though.

  2. we just bought a kenmore but the cannister kind back in january and it’s awesome! i’ve never had a better vacuum! we bought ours at sears

  3. I have the Oxygen 3 upright by Electrolux. It is quite heavy though but I love everything else about it.

    Oreck are supposed to be really lightweight and great suction. If I hadn’t of found my Oxygen 3 that was my next choice.

  4. Kirby’s last forever. My parents have had the same one for 30 years now.

    I personally like the bagless with the HEPA filter. Why are you ruling out the bagless kind?

  5. I would recommend Oreck. They are a bit pricey, but they will last a very long time. They are light weight and use a bag. It also has great suction. If you are not dead set on using a bag, I would recommend a Dyson. If mine broke today, I would take a loan out if I had to and replace it! LOL.

  6. Look for a sanitaire S647 or S670 that would probably be the closest thing to your old hoover, no attachments but durable and good if you have pets. Just be cautioned you can not vacuum up small toys, or coins , anything metal because that could hurt it. Or a riccar model rsl3 more expensive but a little lighter. If anyone has allergy’s use a high filtration bag on the inside. Buy a small hand held or cannister for the attachments.


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