Can anybody with pets give me their opinions on the best


Shug0404 need help to clarify doubt about : Can anybody with pets give me their opinions on the best vacuum cleaner that you use to get the hair up?
I vacuum every day, and it seems like no matter what I do, the pet hair is everywhere. I have a cat, and a dog ( and no I’m not getting rid of them 🙂

Try this:

Answer by raina_vissora
My Hoover Windtunnel works amazingly well… better than anything else I’ve owned.

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  1. Eureka bag less ultima it is the most amazing vacuum i have ever used I have a cat and the first time i used it i emptied the bin and vacuumed again and got another 1/2 a can wash the parts and it has an air filter.

  2. I love a Dyson. They have very powerful suction and I agree that they really do keep their power where others don’t. They are more expensive but if you catch one on sale its very much worth it.

  3. Pet dander is the worse thing for the paper filters in bagless vacuums..It’s best to stick with a bag..
    The number one vacuum by consumer reports for I think 3 years in a row now is the Kenmore Progressive from Sears..You can get it on sale sometimes for about 250…It has a HUGE brush roller that really digs down deep into the carpet and fantastic suction..
    The Hoover Windtunnel is also a very good vac and has better edge cleaning than the Kenmore..
    If you really want a bagless, you’re going to have to invest in a Dyson…The filter is 100% Hepa and can be cleaned in your kitchen sink ! Go for the DC17 series, not the dc07 or the dc14…Trust me on that one…Oh, and the Dyson now comes with a full 5 year warrantee…If you buy one, get it at Sears so that if it breaks, Sears will fix it for you..You won’t have to mail it off anywhere..

  4. Shop Vacs seem to have the most power and largest capacity.
    Plus there is no brushes on the head to get clogged with hair.

  5. ~~I have three indoor dogs, and one is very long haired. I use my Dyson and it picks up everything, and never clogs or lose suction. Mine is called the Ball, and I believe the make on called the Animal especially for pet hair.

    Whatever Dyson you choose, I think you will be thrilled with the results!~~

  6. I have a Bissell Healthy Home vacuum and I really like the job it does! I can’t really say it’s better at the pet hair than my Bissell Power Force was but it is certainly better at getting the fine dust, dirt, pet dander. The Healthy Home model has a sealed HEPA filtration system where the Power Force didn’t. And I think the Healthy Home is a better designed machine with better tools.

    If your budget allows; get the Healthy Home. It’s about $ 250. If not, get one of the Power Force for around $ 100. BTW, I have 3 dogs and 4 cats so I know pet hair! LOL And I sweep about every other day.

  7. Having 2 cats, I was having the same problem. I just received a Dyson for christmas, and have been vacuuming every day. It is amazing to me how much cat fur has been down deep in the carpet. It is still picking it up! Go with the Dyson. I don’t have the Animal, but it works great


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