How to take apart an Hoover steam vac upright?


intuitiv need help to clarify doubt about : How to take apart an Hoover steam vac upright?
I have a Hoover steam vac and I turn it on and it makes a lot of noise and the brushes don’t move at all,It smells like rubber burin but I don’t know how to tear it apart to see what is really wrong with it.Thank you in advance.If there is a diagram that shows it that would be very helpful.

Try this:

Answer by Greedo Killer
its very easy to fix and very common.
unplug the vacuum.<-- (very important part) 1.unscrew all the screws on the bottom part and lift the cover off. (the cover over the brushes) 2. you will then be able pick all the hair and junk out that gets tangled in brushes. 2a. Avoid it if you can, but you may have to take the brush thing off entirely to untangle it properly. if you have to do this, then pay attention how the brush piece fits in with the rubber belt, because you will have to put it back the same way. 3. after you've picked all the hair out, try to turn the brush with your hand to see if it turns like it should. if it doesn't.. you didn't clear all the tangles out or you didn't put it back together properly and so take it out and try again. 4. If it seems clear of debris.. replace the cover.. screw back the screws and test it out. Good Luck

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