Are Riccar vacuums worth it or any suggestions on a good vacuum


I have had enough out of purchasing vacuums that don’t suck, and I mean literally. The suction on my last hoover windtunnel bagless couldn’t even pick up a piece of yarn, let alone dirt. I had a Eureka before that, so you can say I’ve had bad luck. Recently after taking my vacuum to get it worked on, the nice older fellow at the vacuum repair store talked me into a local area company who makes Riccar vacuums. He says they are sturdy although they are pricey. I really don’t have the sort of money to blow on a vacuum cleaner, any suggestions?


  1. Bissell work great and are fairly reasonably priced, I needed a vacuum recently and didn’t have a lot to spend on it and so I got a Bissell and it has been amazing, great suction and not too loud, I have cats and it picks up their hair like nobody’s business.


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