Bagless vacuum, nothing ends up in the basket?


I have a bagless vacuum and I recently bought a new filter for it and even changed the belt. When I vacuum it acts like it’s sucking but nothing ends up in the basket. I checked the hose and it’s not clogged and I don’t know what to do! My floor is covered in dog hair because I haven’t been able to vacuum over a week! Please help!
it’s not clogged


  1. there r some vacuum shops that fix vacuums and cheap look it up in the yellow pages or go to or call 411 and ask the for the nearest vacuum shop its that happened to me and i took it there and they fixed it and i didn’t pay much

  2. Turn the vacuum upside down, and check to see if it clogged where it comes into the hose. Dog hair will clog it up sometimes I know this has happened to me.


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