what is the best hoover for pet hairs?


Samantha need help to clarify doubt about : what is the best hoover for pet hairs?
i have a rotti which malts like crazy!
were moving to a new home next week and need a decent hoover for carpets!??
was thinking of dyson but heard bad reviews… what would you recommend thanks

Try this:

Answer by Carmens Vacuum
Dyson is the best BAGLESS machine out there hands down. You hear bad reviews because the nature of psychology says that 1 mad person tells 10 people, but 1 happy person tells 3. Law of numbers there. Dyson has about a 5% warranty claim, meaning in about 5% of their machines you’ll have issues. Vacuum suction is measured by CFM – cubic flow per minute. Dyson’s are around 121 CFM, but a Miele vacuum is at 141, thus having higher air flow. You can’t buy some Miele’s online, but you can buy some from us at www.carmensvacuum.com. Also, Miele’s come with a 7 year warranty AND are bagged, where as Dyson only comes with a 5. You really can’t go wrong with either one. We also sell Dyson on our site too. If you choose Dyson, I’d advise NOT getting a “ball” Dyson (that means stay away from DC 25 and DC 24’s). They have issues with the stands, and so the machine doesn’t stand up right all the time.

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