What is the best all natural ingredient to use in a carpet


james r need help to clarify doubt about : What is the best all natural ingredient to use in a carpet cleaning system?
I have read that the ingredients they use in rug doctor cleaners and cleaners like that can cause harm to young children and are full of toxins. Does anyone know of an all natural solution that I can use that is safe to put in a hoover vacuum rug cleaner?

Try this:

Answer by Andrew G
hot water

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  1. Biokleen brand Bac Out cleaner. I use this all the time in my cleaning business, and it is great! You can buy the big professional gallon size, or in 32 oz sizes. Just follow the instructions to mix with hot water in your machine. It gets out organic stains and odors, and leaves a very light, fresh scent. You can use it in full concentration as a spray spot cleaner on carpet as well. Biokleen brand products are what I use and trust. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  2. Umm well oreck rug shampoo works well, It’s free of allergies and is 100% sufficent of that stuff…like kids allergies and many other things.


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