What is the best vacuum cleaner?


Kengem need help to clarify doubt about : What is the best vacuum cleaner?
Not necessarily the one you have right now, but what do all of you think is the best? Make and Model please. Feel free to add endorsement or horror stories.

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Answer by ladybug
I have a Dyson and I love it. Great cleaning power and no bags or filters to buy.

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  1. Kenmore from Sears. I like the canisters better than the upright unless you could get the upright with the attachments. Electrolux vacuums I hear are great but I am sure you know they are real expensive.

  2. I’m going to pick on you. Without any qualifications, there is not “best” anything. All of life is a trade off with competing characteristics.

    Are you cleaning an 600 sq.ft. apartment with shag carpet or a 13000 sq.ft. home with marble and wood floors and expensive oriental rugs? Or somewhere in between with a little of each.


    Do you have the ability to put in a central unit, or are you renting?

    If one machine cleans 5% better, would you be willing to spend 5 times a much for it as the lower-grade machine?

    Are you considering purchase price only, or total cost of ownership, that is, a $ 100 machine that lasts 2 years or a $ 1000 machine that lasts 30 years?

    Is maintenance and repair important, or do you consider it not fixable and disposable?

    Do you have allergies and need HEPA?

    Do you need attachments such as upholstery brushes, crevice tools, drapery wands, etc?

    … and so on so on so on

  3. Kirby – but very expensive – Dyson also has a good product but also quite expensive – I recommend going with a name brand that is not too fancy, not too heavy, and looks simple (doesn’t have all kinds of attachments that you will rarely use but end up paying for anyway). The bagless models are the cheapest to maintain for obvious reasons – if you buy one of these and it lasts 3-5 years, it will have already paid for itself several times over – also ask your friends and family (the ones that actually use them) for their experience – it is also a good idea to spend a few minutes asking the people that sell vacuum cleaners – you can get a lot of free advice on the internet too. Consumer reports is great to have but isn’t free. Good luck – oh by the way we have a Hoover and it has worked well for 3 years – it is a bagless model and we really like that – we bought it on sale at Home Depot – we will never go back to vacuums that require a bag.

  4. I will preface this with I used to own: Electrolux, Filter Queen, Kirby, and now I have the most wonderful, truly the world’s best made vacuum–SEBO Automatic 4X. It is made in Germany, has a life time guarantee on the drive belt. Lightweight, it can lower the upright part low enough to vacuum under the beds, for cleaning the brush (I have long hair) it has an easy way to open the brush compartment, pull out the brush (roller), clean it, put it back in with ease. It has on-board tools as well. It has two filter systems. It has a panel on the top of the base that shows the lights when the brush automatically goes up, down, if the brush needs cleaning, or the bag is full. Easy to change the bag too.
    I got it at my local vacuum/sewing store, about $ 500. a little over a year ago. The price has gone up to about $ 600., but is still a bargain compared to Kirby, etc. After all the vacuums I have used, I am completely sold on my SEBO. I consider it to be one of the best investments I have ever made. It’s more quiet than Kirby, etc. too. It’s an excellent vacuum. At least, please go check it out at your local vacuum/sewing store. You won’t be disappointed. Take care.

  5. Dyson is the best. never loses suction and no bags. I have the Dyson animal for 5 years and I have never had a problem with it at all. I love it.


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