Best vacuum for my family?


mapetite26 need help to clarify doubt about : Best vacuum for my family?
I need an upright vacuum which would be used at least twice a month. I have two teenage daughters (with countless makeup products to be cleaned off the floor and two toy poodles that shed a bit. trying to decided which is better since our upright vacuum now has a bag. which is better in your opinion, bag or canister? and it would have to be fairly light so we can carry it upstairs. price is no matter. also, where might be the bext place to get a vacuum?

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Answer by doggenfreek
A dyson. They are expensive, but they are the best on the market.

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  1. The top of the range vacuum is without question, a ducted vacuum system. I don’t know if you have thought of these but we have one in our home. The system is very quiet as the waste is held in a barrel in your garage. Pipes are placed in the cavities of your walls (even after you’ve built or bought your home). Outlets are placed within areas needed. I have a 6 bedrom home & only need 3 outlets, they are like powerpoints. Plug in your vacuum hose & away you go. No vacuum cleaner to lug around! Extremely powerful & comes with a powerhead. Different models available. We purchased a Silent Master from Ausvac. If I ever move I shall invest in these vacuums again. 5 star rating *****


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