Best vacuum for large family and heavy usage?


I have 4 kids, from ages 2 to 11. Two cats(they both shed heavy during the spring), a long haired dog (Lhasa Apso) and a home with just barley under 2000 sq ft of carpet. I live in las Vegas so I also deal with a lot of dust. I currently have a Maytag Legacy bagless upright with cyclonic filtration and while at first it left my carpet feeling cool and better than new, it now seems to take A LOT more work, the suction is still there just seems like it is tired! However I will say it does not throw dust into the air, my child with asthma can vacuum without any problems.
I have looked into Dyson and some of the other expensive vacuums but I am hard pressed to spend 0 on a vacuum. ( Not that 0+ every year doesnt add up!) I would love to hear from people with similar situations. It is important that it not have a million loose attachments being that my 2 year old have a fondness for playing with and losing them. Also light weight because I have stairs. Hope someone can help! Thanks!
Thank you everyone, looks like a Dyson might be the way I should go. As for the person who mentioned the central vacuum system, I had that in my previous home with only one child. It worked great! However even with the child locks installed she managed to open the vents and "feed" the house all kinds of things! Ever tried to figure out how to clean milk, pizza, orange slices, scrambled eggs and whippped cream out of a central vac? Answer: Move. LOL


  1. I know from experience that the Dyson Vacuum is the Best Bagless Upright Vacuum but the Miele is the Best Vacuum Period. I own a Miele Callisto S5280 Vacuum Cleaner. It is the best vacuum I have ever owned. The filtration is incredbile it is 99.995% effective at .3 microns (really small) and is approved for people with allergies and asthma. It uses a HEPA filter with charcoal on the bottom to take out the odors and the bags are called intensive clean bags and are cloth like! As for fexibility, the powerhead (which works great on my carpets!) has a double swivel neck to get under and around everything. The floorbrush is incredible as well. It twists and turns to get into corners, is low enough to get under furniture and baseboards and feels like you are pushing nothing. The machine itself is very lightweight and is a canister. It, like all other Miele products, is made to last 20 to 25 years. It has a 7 year motor warranty! I got this vacuum from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew for only $699 (Phone Special You have to Call to Get that Price) ($799 everywhere on the internet) and that handled everything professionally. The man on the phone was nice and it came with free fast shipping and no tax because I am out of state (They are in NY). I am estatic over my purchase and will definately buy from them again.



  3. A Dyson is the best. I have one and i love it so much. They cost like $500 but they are worth it. I got mine at Costco cuz you can take it back if it brakes no matter what.Trust me i have 5 kids and 3 dogs and 2 Bunny’s all in door and make a mess… and you would never know we did.

  4. I love love love my dyson!!! Personally it’s just myself and my husband with one little cockerspaniel but I do have some background.

    When we built our house 1.5 years before getting the dyson, I had some Dirt Devil type bagless vacuume. I thought it worked ok until I got the dyson. Seriously, I filled the container up halfway with dirt, dust, doghair and who knows what just by doing the master bedroom. I was both thrilled and grossed out at the same time.

    My bestfriend is the real story though, she has a husband that bales hay for a living, 3 kids, 2 dogs that live indoors (1 long hair, 1 short hair) and 2 cats. They live on one acre of unlandscaped land out in the country (read lots of dust and allergins from the nearby agriculture and husbands hay dust) and she has asthma.

    She uses her dyson constantly to suck up dust bunnies, bits of hay and animal hair not to mention the typical dust and dirt from a large family who can’t seem to wipe their feet or close a door. She totally loves her vacuume and I’ve actually heard her threaten bodily harm to those who haven’t respected it. She’s had it for about 2 years and uses it in her home daily and in her sisters home (2 cats and 3 dogs) weekly but you’d think it was brand new.

    Although there are several attachments on the unit they are very secure and easy to use. They are kind of camafloged on the system so the two year old may not be able to figure them out. If so, try putting them in a bag in an upper cabinet. This unit (we both have the yellow one) is very light weight., If you are worried about animal hair they have a purple one that is for animals, but neither of us have noticed a problem with the basic model.

    I hope this helps!

  5. Best Answer Right Here:

    I got sick of replacing vacuums every year and not getting good performance before the year was up…plus all those ridiculous atttachments.

    The Best Thing to do is to have central vacuuming installed with a high powered vacuum. I had this installed in my house and it is a dream. Very powerful, it will vacuum anything using just a simple hose/wand that you plug into the wall.

    The great thing about this is the cost. I NEVER have to buy another vacuum again! In just one weekend they came in and installed all the pipes and vacuum unit and it is like a dream come true. It only cost me the one time charge of $3188 and thats it. My neighbors all installed them to save the money of buying a new vacuum every year.

  6. I clean houses and offices for many years EmmyL is totally right it is the best vacuum an in house vacuum but most people I clean house for cannot afford them. I have used tried all vacuums on the market and the one today I think is the best is a simplicity. The simplicity is light weight durable, the attachments are built in the back of the vacuum. The filtering system is very good and the sweeper will last a long time. My brother who owns a cleaning business uses the commercial simplicity. The only place that probably sells simplicity’s is your local janitor supply store. In our town we have a local business that sells vacuums.

    Just to let u know I use the simplicity in my own home with two dogs, one son and a husband.

  7. I’m a vacuum repair technition. Here’s some helpful hints in choosing a vacuum. Go to an independent dealer that you can trust. They will always sell you a better vacuum than anyone else, because if you are disatisfied, you’ll be able to take it right back to them and tell about it. Customer Service is important to the little guys. Most vacuums in the department stores are not built to last, as you’ve found out. Beleive or not a bagged systems will hold up better, have less maintanance, and filter better than a bagless. Vacuums originally didn’t have bags. Paper filter bags were added later to improve them. There isn’t a leight weight machine on the market that holds up well. To make them leight manufacturers have to strip off attachements, metal(durable) parts, use cheap thin plastic, smaller motors, dirty air motors, wood brushollers. By the time they’re done it may as well have a Fisher Price sticker on it. Instead find one with a comfortable carring handle that keeps it balanced and not combersome. Miele has the absolute best filtration out of any portable, but probably more than you want to spend. If I had to recommend a upright to any friend of mine it would be a Riccar 8955. American made, very durable, I’m not surprised when one comes in for service thats older than me, about the same price as a Dyson(Our #1 repair) and you can purchase high filtration bags for it. For the most part, Riccar keeps track of their dealers, so anyone selling Riccar product SHOULD be reputable. 5 year warranty and 5 year service plan with three free services. The only thing you have to worry about for the first 5 years is buying bags. And if you ever have a problem with it, you can always ask me. I have some pull to get things taken care of with that company.

  8. I have five people in my family and I’m the only one that cleans. I have a Eureka bagless 12 amps vacuum and I love it. I even use my vacuum at my mom’s house to clean it.


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