Best vacuum for our house?


GOETNIES need help to clarify doubt about : Best vacuum for our house?
My wife and I are looking for the best vacuum for our house.

Our first floor does not have any carpeted surfaces.
Our starway to the second floor has a carpeted runner up the center, and the rooms upstairs are carpeted as well.

We need something that s going to be portable enough to carry and vacuum the stairway, as well as hold up and clean our new carpet.

The carpet is longer, but not a shag carpet, and a neutral tan color.

We are considering getting an American Bulldog in December, and want to make sure we get the proper vacuum for our house.

I have not looked up any reviews on any vacuums at this time.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Try this:

Answer by Joshua B
I like dirt devil, get something cheap.

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  1. I have a bagless Hoover and a dog. I live in Nevada where it is very dusty. I am very happy with the Hoover. Wall mart under $ 100 last year.


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