Can someone recommend a bagless vacuum? My budget is around $500.?


I have a piece of junk bagless hoover right now that i paid around 0 for. It clogs all the time and frankly smells pretty bad. I want to buy something that will last and I will not hate anything about.


  1. I wouldn’t recommend one at all. They are such a pain in the but to empty out and clean the filter especially if you have pets. Bags are so easy to just toss in the garbage. I use Royal-all metal parts so no breakage concerns. Dyson, dirtdevil, most mass produced ones are all plastic parts and do not last more than a few years at peak performance. Go to local vaccuum repair shop and ask for their opinion.

  2. Close your eyes and pick one. Who really needs a $500 vacuum cleaner? Also what my wife does for the smell and it works very well. She buys bags of scented salts or rocks whatever that stuff is and puts it right into the canister and freshens the house as you vacuum.


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