Is carpet cleaning and carpet steaming the same thing ?


need help to clarify doubt about : Is carpet cleaning and carpet steaming the same thing ?
I am planning to rent Rug Doctor Pro from home depot. It says its a carpet cleaner. Someone told it’s not steam cleaning. Whats the difference ? Should I just go with the carpet cleaning ?

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Answer by Sam
If you have a messy family with kids and want your house to look good all the time you might want to go with a carpet steamer, although it is not for regular cleaning and usually only used occasionally to get tough stains. You should always have a carpet cleaner, but the choice to have the steamer also is up too you.

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  1. It is not steam cleaning. Its just normal carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning would be using only steam like an iron steam to get the wrinkles out. Our water in our commerical truck is 200 deg. Just use hot water.

  2. Two types of vapor (stream) cleaning can be used in your home. Steam cleaners use the power of steam to explosion away dirt and stain from a diversity of solid surfaces such as cover and countertops, and with the good accessory they can be used to clean up carpet. There is too a exacting method of carpet cleaning known as steam cleaning. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, steam cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are not the same thing.


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