How do you clean your Guinea Pigs fleece bedding before the wash?


Thomas O’Malley need help to clarify doubt about : How do you clean your Guinea Pig’s fleece bedding before the wash?
I just tried using a fleece bedding for the first time, and all the lil poops are stuck to it. I tried shaking it off outside, but many of them are still stuck. I really don’t want to sit and pick them off by hand(ick).

What do you do to yours to make it easier to clean?

Try this:

Answer by Candii
Fleece is kinda bad. Try CareFRESH bedding. When I washed my guinea pig’s fleece bedding in their play pen, they didn’t like the smell and refused to eat, drink and play.

CareFRESH bedding is great. They come in many colours but the white one can come in ULTRA and absorbs the smell.

Good Luck 😉

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  1. This is how I clean mine out:

    1) Remove the guinea pigs, toys etc.

    2) Use a broom / dustpan and brush to quickly sweep up the excess mess (especially hay as it blocks the hoover!)

    3) Vaccuum the fleece as thoroughly as possible.

    4) Remove fleece and mattress pads from cage and quickly shake off the last of the hair outside.

    5) Put bedding in the wash.

    It sounds complicated but I can do a full clean outm including putting clean fleece back in and feeding etc in about 15 minutes.

    If you haven’t already try weighing your fleece down with something to keep it in the same position. I use a combination of house bricks in the corners, and strong bulldog clips in between. This makes it much easier to sweep and vaccuum.

    Another idea I have heard (but not tried myself) is to use a soup ladle to scoop out poops!

    Hope this helps!


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