How do I clean my hoover floor cleaner after used it to clean…


Rebekah need help to clarify doubt about : How do I clean my hoover floor cleaner after I’ve used it to clean up dog pee?
So I got this a couple weeks ago, and have been using it to clean up after my dogs. It now releases a scent of dog pee,tuna,morning breath and just overall horribleness! Yes I know I need to get my dogs potty trained, we’re working on it. How should I clean out the machine tho? just bleach adn wamr water in the tank where the pee goes?

Try this:

Answer by Pamela D.
If you would take your dog outside and teach it ti go to the bathroom there, you would not need to clean it up with a floor cleaner.
Or better yet when the dogs goes just wipe it up with some paper towels and toss them away.

But as for cleaning it just spray it with some anti-bacterial cleaner and rinse with hot water.

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  1. I just pour some warm bleach water on the kitchen floor and use the cleaner to suck it up. It cleans everything that way. Learned this after cleaning up after old incontinent dog.


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