Considering buying a Dyson vacuum for pet hair….yay or nay?


Lovin’ Life As Mama & Wife need help to clarify doubt about : Considering buying a Dyson vacuum for pet hair….yay or nay?
Our little pudgeball is a massive shedder….coarse black hair…that is EVERYwhere (even in the fridge…gross!). So, I really don’t think our Dirt Devil vacuum is working that well. Does anyone have a Dyson….and does it really work??

Also, any tips on shedding? We brush her, but not frequently, and bathe her with shedding shampoo….but, the hair still sheds as the seasons change.

Thanks 🙂

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Answer by dragonmaster8610
I don’t have any tips on shedding but, I have a dyson. It’s is a really good vacuum. I have 3 cats and it picks up all of their hair.
If u have a lot to clean I suggest the bigger dyson vacuum. Also I got a used one cheap at Best Buy so, u might want to get one there.

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  1. Yes! Our house has a Purple one! They never lose suction thing.. sorta ok to believe..

    Just make sure you keep that baby clean! Like strinks and stuff get into the little turny thing,,

    but yes that is the best vaccume we have ever had! i would toatally recommend it! THe dyson slim is a good choice i think!

    just make sure you clean the filter by the directions every like 4 months..

    but yes buy it! YOU WILL LIKE IT (:

  2. They got a really bad reviews in Consumer Report magazine. I just recently read about them. They suggested a regular vacuum around $ 80 compared to the Dyson they said they do not do a better job then most regular vacs.

  3. I just checked Consumer Reports for ya. There is only one Dyson (Dyson Stowaway DC-21) and it got only a “good” (i.e., rated 3 out of 5) for pet hair ($ 500).

    The Kenmore (Sears) Progressive 27514 is $ 300 and gets a “very good” (4 out 5) for pet hair.

    Have you tried the Furminator? It’s an outrageously expensive grooming/de-shedding tool, but it totally works on my cats.


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