What is the difference between bag less and bagged vacuums.?


cool 39 need help to clarify doubt about : What is the difference between bag less and bagged vacuums.?
My mom is buying a vacuum and she does not know which vacuum to buy she is selecting between some HOOVER vacuums but she cant decide because we don’t know which one is better bagged or bag less vacuum. Also what is the HEPA system on some vacuums that is mentioned.

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Answer by emzaid97
bagless is better cuz u dont have to buy the bags while with the ones with bags u do so u choose

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  1. Bag is better. Bagless you have a canister that the dirt goes into then you empty the canister and get dirt all over you. The hepa filter catches filters the exiting air and traps the fine dust particles to help keep your house cleaner.

  2. Bagless is better. The trash goes into a bin you simply empty into the garbage can. You never need to buy another vacuum bag for as long as you live. You save lots of money with a bagless vacuum.

  3. I bought one that took a bag and I regret it now. I hate keeping up with buying new bags all the time not to mention the cost. If I had a bag less vacuum I could just dump the dirt out of the container. Yeah it would be a little messy but well worth it. Ask the sales person if both vacuums have the same suction power. I have noticed that my bagged vacuum looses suction as the bag fills.
    HEPA means it has a high efficiency filter. If its a canister or upright vacuum I would get one with HEPA. If its a central vacuum where the motor sits in the garage I see no need for it.


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