Dirt stuck inside vacuum head and is the brush supposed to spin? Pics


I don’t think my vacuum cleaner is working right. When I look inside the brush roll or head, there is all this dirt stuck inside the brush head. I have a Hoover bagless windtunnel.

I also don’t remember if the brush roll inside (where the green bristles are) is supposed to spin or not, but mine doesn’t.

Here is a pic http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/jackie_was_here/DSC03991.jpg

Is the "inside brush roll thing with the green bristles" supposed to skin and why is the dirt getting stuck in the roll instead of being sucked up inside the machine? How do I fix this?


  1. yes it should spin
    the stuff must be cleaned out
    you should have 2-4 screws holding bottom on remove them
    the roller brush will have a rubber belt at one end and as you slid the roller out both ends should have a holding device look to see how they are in there before you remove roller
    clean the roller should string and hair mostly
    put back together
    if rubber belt is broken you can get new at store that sells your vacuum

  2. Yes, the brushroll should most certainly spin. Some vacuums, and this model in particular, use a system that shuts the brushroll off when the vac is in the upright position. This is so that if you want to use the hose with an extension tube and maybe the crevice tool to clean around the edges of the carpet or kitchen tile, the brush isn’t running constantly, in the same small space on the carpet or floor. There should be a control knob on the top of the head of the vac to control this feature. As for all the junk on the brush roll, that should be removed, and that usually entails removal of the brushroll from the underside of the head. There will be four screws, philips head type, holding the bottom plate on. Once you have that off, you should be able to remove the brushroll by pulling up and out. It will come loose of the end caps and then you can slip it out from under the belt, if it’s still in one piece. If not, you’ll need to get a new belt, before reassembly. You said this was a bagless machine which means it has several filters, most of which probably are plugged solid and need to be replaced. There should be a round, pleated paper unit in the dirt cup area, another in an exhaust area on the left side, as you look from behind, it should be long, white on one side, green on the other. I believe it’s a HEPA exhaust filter, and one more near the motor itself. These filters must be kept clean, as well as keeping all the hoses clean and clear of debris. Check these hoses, it’s a good possibility that there’s a plug in one or both, that’s keeping the machine from using it’s suction to pull the dirt up the tubes and into the bin. That coupled with the clean, new filters should take care of it.


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