Do you ever get sick from cleaning out the vacuum machine bagless /


I get it all the time, Is there a healthy good way to dump it? I have iRobot (Bagless). I never liked bagged conventional upright vacuum machines.


  1. The best thing to do is to use an allergy relief mask whenever you do housework and especially vacuuming. It is not just cleaning out the vacuum that causes breathing problems — just vacuuming can be a problem.

    An allergic person should avoid vacuuming and/or avoid entering a recently vacuumed room. Airborne allergens, such as dust-mite fecal pellets and pet dander, can still be floating around 20 to 30 minutes later.

  2. It is very possible for you to get sick from cleaning out a vacuum cleaner bag. If you have allergies there can be many allergens and dust in the bag that can give you a problem. The problem with upright vacuum machines is the bags sit there for long periods of time with dust in them before they are replaced and it is a breeding zone for bacterias, that is if you will notice that many times when you start vacuuming there will be a weird smell, well that is from the bacteria in the bag. If you don’t have allergies then I wouldn’t worry about just dumping the bagless vacuum cleaner as long as you do it after each vacuum session.


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