Do you prefer a bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner?


I need a new vacuum. I have a bagless Hoover vacuum, which I love, but there are several problems with it – 1. It’s too heavy to carry up and down stairs. 2. It blows dust out the back. Because of the dust, we keep it in the basement mainly for dirt and dog hair.

Do all bagless vacuums blow dust out the back? Would I be better of with a bagged vacuum cleaner?

I’m looking for an inexpensive model to keep upstairs. It must clean hardwood floors as well.

Thanks for your help.


  1. If your vacuum is blowing dust, the hose is probably clogged. I have seen blowing from Bagged vacuums too.

    That being said, I prefer the bagless: When I had a bagged vacuum, the bags I needed were hard to find and cost an arm and a leg.

    One other thing you might try doing is wiping your vacuum with some kind of anti-static product once in a while: I’ve found that helps keep dust and cat fur from collecting.

    Good luck!

  2. I have a bagless one and its great. It only blows dust out the back when you need to wash the equipment. When you wash them, it is fine.

  3. I prefer bagless, It should not blow dust out though, that is a sign that something is not sealed and/or working properly.

  4. I’ve only used a bagless a few times, helping out a family member who had one, and it, too, blew dirty air. It was also impossible to empty without setting loose a bunch of what I’d just vacuumed up.

    I have a "serious" canister vacuum (with a bag) downstairs, where most of the mess is, and a lightweight canister with a bag upstairs. I did my homework before buying the lightweight, and the suction power (and ability to get dust and stuff out of the deeper parts of the carpet) is substantially higher on a canister than on the best upright.

    Mine’s a Sears Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum with Telescopic Wand. It can take a HEPA bag, but I don’t use them, just the cheaper paper ones.

  5. I vacuum for a living and in my opinion the proteam xp1500 is the best vacuum you can buy around 270-300 dollars on ebay new in the box with a 5 year warranty better than dyson,kirby or rainbow with out a doubt but if you go to they can tell you about almost any vacuum you are interested in

  6. I own a cleaning franchise and we use a traditional bag vacuum but are in the process of switching to a 4 filter bagged backpack vacuum because the traditional one we were using was tested and was rated very poorly. The cleaners would have to basically redust an area after they vacuum because the vacuum would blow out dust. The new vacuum has 4 filters a cloth like filter bag with a really thick kind of paper like bag inside of that one. It sucks up stuff as small as 3 microns and there is no dust that gets blown back out. Now I said all that to say this. I use a bagless vacuum at home that has a filter and I am constantly having to dust. It never seems to go away. Ever! Never ending battle. Get a bag vacuum unless you’re worried about sucking up jewelry or little toys. The dirt blows back out in the room when you empty the container. My advice is get a bagged vacuum that has a filter.

  7. I had a bagless and used it just 2 months before I decided it was a piece of junk. Mine to blew dust all over the place. I replaced it with a Hoover wind-tunnel, $139 at Walmart.


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