Does anyone have any advice on a good vacuum cleaner?


Kai’s Mommy need help to clarify doubt about : Does anyone have any advice on a good vacuum cleaner?
We have two different ones and niether one of them picks up our dog and cat hair very well. We have a Eureka and a Hoover I think. Our 6 month old is starting to try to crawl so I have to get one soon that gets it up good because he is about to be all over the place!

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You get what you pay for. Thats what I’ve learned.

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  1. I suggest getting a Dyson(sp?) My husband worked as a manager in retail store and said they are wonderful.

    I have a Kirby and they are big and bulky and not worth the money…my husband would rather have a Dyson.

  2. I highly recommend a Miele. They are made in Germany I believe. I have used them for over twenty years. They are more expensive but last a long time and a good investment in a clean house.

  3. We have one of the higher end Sears canisters which has lots of power. Typically a canister model has more power than an upright.

    We also have a Hoover Wind Tunnel bag-less model which is junk in my opinion as the dirt goes every where when you have to empty it which is required often as the filter clogs up constantly.

  4. Have you thought about taking your Hoover/Eureka in for service.. Maybe all it needs is a clean/check or a new belt or filter.. I have a Hoover Savvy it’s wonderful I got it as a gift so I bought the extended warranty.. I have wall to wall carpet 2 small children a husband and a dog.. So, I vacuum everyday.. I’ve had my vacuum for 4 yrs. and I’ve had it serviced 2 times..However, they always clean/check… Save your money and have your vacuums cleaned it could be an easy fix…

  5. My eureka is wonderful. Take it to a repair shop. It may just need to be cleaned. I did that and WOW what a difference!

  6. Miele is the best vacuum cleaner period. The Miele Callisto has an awesome SEB 217 Powerhead and it will pick up your pet hair (the model above that is made to pick up even more!). It has the best edge cleaning ever. If you use this vacuum to pick up bird seed on a carpeted floor along the edges of your wall it will pick up ever piece guarantee it. You can use the powerhead on the bare floor which does a wonderful job. It has a squeegee underneath to really seal to the ground as well as all rubber wheels that will not scratch your floors. But if you want to use an even nicer tool it comes with an SBB 300-3 Floorbrush which is amazing. It has super wide holes all around and it will pick every up as well. it barely feels like you are pushing anything and it has a knuckle which allows you to twist and turn into and spot you want like behind the toilets, buffet table, couches and the floorbrush itself is low enough to get under the baseboards and kickjams. The filtration is 99.95% effective at 0.3 microns which is amazing. Thanks to its HEPA filter and super intensive clean bags the vacuum is able to achieve this kind of filtration.
    I bought my Miele Callisto from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew for only $ 699 with free shipping and no tax (because I do not live in new york). They were wonderful to deal with and they made my shopping experience a pleasant one. Here is their number (you have to call them up to get that price because that price can not be found anywhere on the Internet):


    Tell Lisa and Joe Kevin told you about it.


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