Does anyone own a Bosch bagless jet vacuum?


How do you like it? Was it worth the money? How easy is it to use? Does the filter get clogged often? Any problems? I just want to make sure that I’m not wasting my money. The one I’m looking at is on sale for 0 canadian. Started at 9 canadian. Thanks everyone!


  1. Bagles vacuums, including Bosch pass dirt even thru that filter after cleaning it a few times. I took a sock and covered that filter. that helped. That filter costs big bucks. Id not buy a Bosch or any bagless again Too much nonsense for too little gain. Buy a Panasonic they last longer and do the job just as well. Those are like $85 here in USA You can get caught up in that nonsense vacuum frinzy. I did.

    I tried out that Rainbow water filter vacuum. You fill the canister with water do your vacuuming, the dump the dirty water in toilet. Then i noticed in my kitchen black minute water spots on my kitchen cabinets. My doctor told me dont buy that thing you can get like Legionaires or bacteria or virus airbone on those water molecules that blow out. Those are like $1500 here in USA

  2. I am in the cleaning business and here is our secret!
    We use Bosch products…They are a little more expensive but for efficiency and dependabelity, you cant get any better.
    Another cleaning tip…We also use these cleaning cloth. You have to buy in packages of 5 but they are only like $3 bucks a piece. I have ordered them and use them on everything, especially cleaning windows and clean mirrors. They are made out of tiny fibers. They are guaranteed not to scratch and all you do is rinse the cloth under water, wring it out and wipe ANY surface with no streaks or scratch. Use em over and over. I have not thrown one away yet!
    I am sold on this …I encourage you to try it out….hope this helps…Steve


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