Does anyone still use a softbag upright vacuum..?


I know that bagless vacuums are all the rage but I was just wondering if anyone still used a vacuum with one of those inflatable bags, eg a Hoover Junior regularly..?
And which modelhave you got & do you like the softbag type better than the newer ones..?


  1. I used an Oreck for ages, the kids took it off to college, we now have a bagless Dyson. We have two dogs and a cat, busy household. We had a bagless Sears, I was forever taking to apart to unclog it. Got a Dyson, that comes apart easy if it clogs. It hasn’t yet.

  2. We have a Hoover upright. It’s so heavy and hard to use on stairs. We bought a Sears canister type — it uses a disposable bag. At the time, it was their best model. It is lighter and so much easier to move around (especially for use on our carpeted steps) and a lot more flexible. I never use the Hoover anymore.


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