Does the bissell powerforce have poor filtration?


Anonymous need help to clarify doubt about : Does the bissell powerforce have poor filtration?
I own a 2 year old Bissell Powerforce Bagged vacuum. I wash the filters at least once a month. I also replace the bag when it reaches the fill line.As the bag fills up, I start to smell a heavy dusty smell. I have resolved this problem by buying scented bags, but does that mean dust is escaping vacuum?

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Answer by Norm
Probably. I have a Bissell bagless that has the same problem, despite the fact that I clean the filters regularly. I’m seriously considering a Dyson or a Hoover.

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  1. Depends on the brand of bags you buy most filter down to 5 microns frankly even at that level bags filter better than most bagless machines i would try out some Genuine bissell style 7 bags i’ve heard they are superior to the generic branded ones


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