Why does my vacuum cleaner throw dirt OUT?


Kathy need help to clarify doubt about : Why does my vacuum cleaner throw dirt OUT?
Why does my vacuum cleaner throw dirt and dust OUT? It’s a Hoover and I’ve only had it a few months. It is an upright bagless. And yes, I empty it when it is full.

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Answer by elhigh
A Hoover what? Model number, please?

Throw it out which direction? In front, or to the rear? Or is it blowing the dirt from somewhere else entirely?

Have you checked the air path for clogs? Some of the more involved designs have unfortunate constrictions or ridiculous long paths for the crud to travel. All kinds of foolishness can happen.

So tell us more about the machine and we can get to guessing.

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  1. you need a new filter. if you had a dirty filter for years then most likely its backed up into the whole vacuum which means you have to trash it completely. try to replace the filter first.

  2. I also have a Hoover upright bagless and this is what to check according to the manual 1) check for blockage, just pull up the hose at the bottom and it comes off easy.2) Pleated filter clogged (probably not this since you can see it when you empty it).3) Belt come off. 4) The dirt cup not properly installed and locked in place.(Place bottom of cup behind a tab and press in place and rotate the cup handle up to lock in place). Any of these will cause the problem you are talking about. Hope this helps. BTW 1 year warranty.


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