Dyson Vs Hoover (pick up)


Witch is best at dirt pick up, hoover or dyson?


  1. The senior 6525E and dyson dc25 are the best cleaners i have so i have pitted them against each other in a number of test’s to see witch is better, so far they are at a draw. And secondly hoover ‘used’ to be number one, now it is dyson (my opinion) and that is exactly what it is about ‘opinion’, but hoover these days is definatly not a contender for #1 as they now make cheap crap!

  2. hmm maybe 1 more request if that doesnt bother u am dc07 vs dc25? i hope im not asking for 2 much 🙁 but the dc07 picked the fine dust that the 2 vacuums left behind and the dc25 is the best dyson u have u said so why not? 🙂 thanks

  3. The cleaner that goes last always wins… aka there is ALWAYS some dirt left behind, this was too see how much the other cleaner did leave though, but even if i was to then go over with yet another vacuum it would still get more up!


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