Dyson/Bagless Vacuum’s Fake Performance Explained/Shown


I respect all Dyson lovers, but seriously, the Dyson is not in any way worth 0 plus. So you’ve all seen the Dyson vs. Hoover video here on Youtube, and you were most likely amazed at the Dyson’s dirt. Well, here I am to explain the truth about Dysons! When you vacuum with a Bagless vacuum,…


  1. And Dyson doesn’t use filters in the dust cup. It uses multiple cyclones to prevent suction loss. Again, your video did NOT convince me that bags are better. Bags clog. Dysons don’t.

  2. Yeah but it’s barely noticeable. The real problem with normal vacuums is the belt, people confuse a bad belt with loss of suction.

  3. some people need to do some reasch on bagless vacuum. all bagless vacuum are fake, not real, they just want to sell their proudct to comuser.

  4. A bagged vacuum could hold up 5 times more than a bagless vacuum, being a bagged vacuum has better airflow then bagless vacuum because all the air is around the bagged camber, bagless vacuum is only about suction not airflow, becuse to much air travel around the camber then it goes to the cyclone, then down to filter then to the exaust filter.

  5. Dyson´╗┐ vacuum is not a sealed vacuum. and dyson use cyclone to prevent dirt and dust thats goes to the filter, false statement dyson dose lose suction because alot of people don’t check their root cyclone, so if you think that the dirt is spinnig in the dirt cup don’t mean it have power, so check your root cyclone

  6. Its not how much it holds that matters, its how much it picks up that does!!! That bissell would kick your kenmore’s ass any day at deep cleaning!!!

  7. This is all so WRONG! Dysons are INCREDIBLE vacuums: Excellent performance, great filtration, NO maintenance costs, and good build quality!

    To say that a Dyson is a waste of money is just stupid and ignorant.

    The Dyson is a quality vacuum. Overpriced by about 10-25%? Sure, but it’s still a GREAT machine!

  8. I would of picked a better vacuum to prove dust is fluffed. I don’t think Bissells are good for anything except proving you can easily clog the filters. Another thing to show is take your “full” bin of dust and compress it with your hand or something, and see how “full” it really is… Did that with my mom’s Bissell to show her that it didnt pick much up and whatever it did found its way clogged in the filter. My fury is a tiny bit deceiving, but no where near as bad as newer vacuums

  9. YUCK !!!!!!!! why would you DO that its discusting and your breathing in that stuff just to do a useless experiment, its not about dustbag capacity? If it was are you too lazy to clean it out each time? when dyson fills you empty it. what is your point? I cant belieive you tipped that crap on your carpet!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!

  10. @BrightonGirl
    Ha, you should see what comes out of my Eurekas! Thats about 1 week of dust with a husky. Beautiful dogs, but boy do they shed!


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