Fantom Compact Bagless Vacuum


Another trash find – the Fantom Compact Bagless vacuum.. not to be confused with the Thunder, or Lightning. This is a Sharper Image vac and is NOT cyclonic… was plugged with cat hair when I got it because the previous owner thought it would be ok to use it without a filter… Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe! http


  1. they are. i found one of those recently in the trash, clogged with dog hair. i ended up throwing it out after 1 use in my basement cleaning cobwebs up, cause it was way too loud for me.

    i also noticed that after clearing the clog, and washing the filters out, it had very little suction, and very poor airflow also.

  2. The reason there isn’t suction is also why it doesn’t spin when running with the beater(cyclonic action) The clog is at the bottom behind the beater. I fixed mine several times with a tool grabber (a long spring like snake with a plunger handle that reaches out at the end and grabs (the clog in this case)snake it through the tube end past the beater with the vacuum upside down and extended. It now works wonderfully.. just watch out for small pieces of cardboard, sticks, or anything that could get caught in the air tube and cause a clog.


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