Getting a couch clean???


Brat? need help to clarify doubt about : Getting a couch clean???
How in the world do I go about cleaning a couch? I know this probably isn’t the smartest question but I don’t know how…..this couch stinks! How can I at least get the smell out? Is there something that works really well? I can’t use a steam cleaner, or anything that could be harmful to pets. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Try this:

Answer by Amy E
There should be a code somewhere on your couch so you know what’s safe to use on it. Look for a tag under the seat cushions. The codes are W, S, S/W, ans X. Find your code and post it and I’ll check back to see if I can help you.

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  1. it depends on what type of couch you have, a leather one, you should use a damp cloth, but another type you could go to a pet store, and sometimes they have cleaners for smells.

  2. Take it outside and air it out. Then try Fabreeze. You might try to spray with Resove and use a soft brush to work it in then blot dry.


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