Hoover 304087001 WindTunnel Max Mult-Cyclonic Bagless


    Price: $11.99
    (as of Jul 29,2019 06:41:21 UTC – Details)

    This filter is appropriate with the next Hoover vacuum fashions: UH70601 T-Series WindTunnel Max Multi Cyclonic, UH70602 T-Series WindTunnel Whole House Multi Cyclonic Complete, UH70603 T-Series WindTunnel Max Multi Cyclonic Complete, UH70604 T-Series Remedy, UH70605 T-Series WindTunnel Max Pet Plus, UH70607 T-Series WindTunnel Max Multi Cyclonic, UH70608 T-Series WindTunnel Pro Whole House Multi Cyclonic Complete, UH70700 T-Series WindTunnel Max Multi Cyclonic, UH70800 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Complete, UH70801 WindTunnel2 High Capacity, UH70805 WindTunnel2 High Capacity, UH70809 WindTunnel2 High Capacity, UH70810 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70811 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70815 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70816 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70817 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70819 WindTunnel2 High Capacity Pet, UH70820 WindTunnel2 Rewind, UH70821 WindTunnel2 Rewind, UH70825 WindTunnel2 Rewind, UH70829 WindTunnel2 Rewind, UH70830 WindTunnel2 Rewind Pet, UH70831 WindTunnel2 Rewind Pet, UH70832 WindTunnel2 Rewind Pet, UH70839 WindTunnel2 Rewind Pet, UH71003 Elite Rewind Pet, UH71009 Elite Rewind, UH71011 Elite Rewind, UH71209 Whole House, UH71214 Whole House, UH72600 Windtunnel3 High PerformanceTo guarantee compatibility together with your vacuum mannequin, please see Product Description beneath.
    Should be Washed Every 30 Days and Replaced After 6 Months
    Hoover Primary Filter Assembly #304087001


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