Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister – SH40060 Reviews


Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister – SH40060

  • No Loss of Suction Performance Multi-cyclonic cleaning system cleans as good as the first time every time.
  • Motorized swivelling power nozzle – brushroll loosens and lifts out deep down dirt while easy to maneuver.
  • Cord rewind – activate the cord rewind and retract the cord to store neatly inside.
  • Intuitive Power Controls – Conveniently positioned brushroll controls where they should be. Right at your fingertips.
  • HEPA media filter

The Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister gives you no loss of suction performance with it’s multi-cyclonic cleaning system with a Hepa media filter that cleans as good the first time, every time. The motorized swivelling power nozzle brushroll loosens and lifts out deep down dirt while easy to maneuver and cleans right up to your baseboards. The convenient cord rewind lets you store your cord neatly inside the vacuum. The brushroll controls are conveniently located where they should be. Right at your fingertips. The Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister gives you no loss of suction performance with its multi-cyclonic cleaning system with a Hepa media filter that cleans as good the first time, every time.

The bagless design means there is no need to worrying about constantly buying and replacing your bags, and the included filter can be easily rinsed in your sink to increase its effectiveness and longevity.

The motorized swiveling power nozzle brushroll loosens

List Price: $ 179.99

Price: $ 179.99


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  1. 54 of 54 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Bagless Canister Vacuum for the Money, February 9, 2011
    Illuminatus (Chicago) –

    This review is from: Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister – SH40060 (Misc.)

    We have a 2000 sq. ft. home with 2 dogs and a cat so we tend to put our vacuum cleaners through frequent hard use. As such, we weren’t looking to spend more than $200 on a cleaner that, in all actuality, would probably need replacing in 2 years. After a terrible experience with another vacuum (the Eureka 940A Pet vacuum – CHEAP, awful, and useless after 1 month), we were looking for another that was 1) under $200; 2) a canister; 3) bagless; 4) had some quality construction and maintained suction. We saw the Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Canister at our local Target and were impressed with the feel and quality of it, but were a bit skeptical of what we would be getting for the $150 price. Amazon was pretty short on reviews, but the ones that were posted all had very positive comments (including a suspicious one that seemed to know WAY too much about vacuum cleaners and Dyson patents) so we decided to give it a shot. We’re very glad we did – this little cleaner has been awesome.

    – Incredible suction. Does not lose power no matter how much pet hair we pick up and it does not clog.
    – Powered beater head. Most inexpensive vacuums have heads that rely on suction to turn the beater and slowly become less and less efficient as they lose suction.
    – Solid, quality construction. The hose leading to the beater is metal and all other parts are thick heavy-duty plastic. No cheap plastic parts.
    – Flared bristles on the beater bar. Great for cleaning all the way up to the baseboards without having to go back around the room with the crevice tool.
    – Standard hose attachment size. We’ve accumulated several attachments from previous cleaners that we like to use (upholstery brush, blind cleaner) and they all fit this new vacuum.
    – Easy to empty canister. No filters or lids to remove and it back on. Just push the button and dump.
    – Washable filters. Including a HEPA filter
    – Retractable cord.
    – THE SUCTION…again, it really is fantastic and stays that way.

    Just a few CONS:
    – The cord is a bit short. An extra 3-5 ft would have been great
    – No swivel on the hose. It doesn’t swivel/rotate at either end (where hose connects to vacuum or where hose connects to gun) so it tends to get tangled or bent and awkward at times.
    – The hose and beater portion only store/attach to the vacuum in one position. It would be great if there was another clip where you could attach the hose/beater to the vacuum while it was standing upright to save even more storage room.
    – Fixed beater bar height. We have all hardwood floors so this isn’t an issue, but this might be a pain for someone that has a mix of hardwood and carpet or a lot of rugs.

    Really, the cons aren’t even that bad…more like “wants” if Hoover were taking suggestions to make this machine perfect. We’ve been really impressed and would recommend this vacuum to anybody. Highly doubt you’re going to find better quality and suction for the price…that’s probably the reason this is ALWAYS out of stock (we haven’t seen it in stock at our Target in over 2 months). Buy this and treat yourself to a vacation ticket somewhere with the money you’ll save over a Dyson or Miele!

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  2. 71 of 76 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Light Weight combined with POWER!!!, November 23, 2010
    T. Gasko (st. louis, missouri) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister – SH40060 (Misc.)

    I bought this vacuum 2 weeks ago. It is sold by and ships from Target Stores. I waited over a month for the vacuum to be in-stock. Was so excited to finally get it. The Hoover Multi-Cyclonic canister is, in reality, a fantastic copy of the world-famous Dyson DC05 MotorHead model vacuum cleaner. The Dyson DC05 was designed for British homes – the Hoover was designed for American Homes. And boy, did Hoover do a fantastic job.

    The Hoover features, among other things, perfect edge cleaning. The brush bristles splay out at the ends, brushing all the way to the edge of the carpets, against the walls. The suction power is amazing. The multi-cyclonic filtration system works exactly like Dyson’s (the Dyson patents are expired). The Hoover is easy to empty without flying dust – due to the ‘cup’ design of the trap door on the clear bin. When you pull the Hoover, it rears back on it’s rear wheels – cutting the effort needed to pull the machine by one half.

    The best part, though, is the steel extension wand. All vacuums should have this adjustable length, all steel wand to help speed you through your cleaning. The brush in the nozzle will stop for bare floor cleaning, and rotates for carpet vacuuming. The belt will never break or stretch – the nozzle brush stops when obstructed and a red light comes on. Remove the obstruction and turn the nozzle back on to reset.

    The washable, lifetime filters – both before and after the motor – are exactly what’s needed to keep costs down. With no replacement filter cost AND a true ‘sealed system’ (dust cannot leak past the S-Class Hepa filter cartridge) – the Hoover will always put clean air back into the room and will never cost one penny for filter replacements.

    Even the attachment tools fit on very well – they don’t fall off in use (a particular frustration with some models and makes of vacuums). I like everything about the Hoover except the cord length. If Hoover had used a flat cord instead of the round one – they coule have fit more length onto the automatic cord rewinder. But that’s a small concession to such excellent cleaning ability, light weight, and fantastic low price. All in all, EXCELLENT.

    6/6/11: I’ve had my Hoover now going on 6 months. I’ve used it over 30 times during these months, everything from cleaning out my truck, to cleaning inside the furnace (after the heating season), doing Spring Cleaning, etc. The canister portion has as much suction as it did the day I received it. Have washed the filter ONCE, it’s probably due for another washing but I don’t have time right now and the suction is astoundingly strong. Hate the cord length – it’s become an issue for me (but I’m lazy and want to only plug it in once). Bought a 25 foot extension cord for $10 at a big lots store. Now I plug it in once – problem solved.

    The power nozzle has picked up hair after four cats, two dogs, and the feathers/seeds from one bird. True, I have to flip open the brush cover after each use, and run the blade of a small pocket knife along the brush bar. This cuts the hair – and I do not pull them off the brush. When I turn the vacuum back on, the hair (cut by the knife) disappears. Since the brush bar is not large in diameter, it’s important to do this one step. If you don’t, hair wraps around the brush and can tangle in it.

    Would I buy this vacuum again? Definitely. Do I think I’ll get my money’s worth from it? Yes. I kept the carton it came in, that’s where I store it. I put it away clean (empty) and keep the brush roller free from hair. I expect it to last a long enough time that when the day comes it eventually stops working – I’ll still feel completely happy (as I do now) that I bought it.

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