Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged,


Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COM

  • Lightweight bagged upright vacuum cleaner with powerful 12 amp motor
  • Direct air-flow technology and Windtunnel Technology for fast, efficient results
  • Illuminated fingertip controls; 2 speeds; self-sealing HEPA bag; check-bag indicator
  • Includes canister vacuum, bare-floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and telescoping wand
  • Measures approximately 15-1/2 by 13 by 45 inches; 6-year limited warranty

The Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright removes more dirt in one pass than other uprights. The lightweight design (less than 12 lbs) is easy to maneuver and transport up stairs and from room to room. With direct air flow technology and Hoover’s patented Windtunnel Technology, it makes it easy to remove even hidden dirt. The HEPA filter bag traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens for better indoor air quality. There is even a bag check indicator to tell you when to change the bag. The quick release self-sealing bag prevents dirt puffs from escaping while changing the bag. It comes with illuminated in-handle controls which allows you to control the on/off power switch and the ability to switch between high and low speeds with the touch of a finger. The upright comes with a portable canister and tools. The canister has a detachable shoulder strap, dusting/furniture brush, crevice tool, and bare floor brush. Best-In-Class six year warranty.

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 299.99


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  1. 617 of 621 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Terrific product! (3/14/09), March 15, 2009
    J. Becker (Seattle, WA USA) –

    This review is from: Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COM (Kitchen)

    Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister (UH30010COM) (3/14/09)

    Overall, this is a terrific vacuum. The person who will be happiest with this combination is the person who: (1) wants a lightweight vacuum, (2) has mostly carpet in their home, (3) has carpeted stairs, and (4) uses attachments.

    I liked my old vacuum, so using the LBU has been an eye-opening experience for me: I didn’t realize how much effort I was exerting with my old upright with attachments – not only heavier, but so much bending and stooping to change settings or get tools.

    At 11 pounds, the LBU is 2 to 3 pounds heavier- but less expensive – than competing models. Bonuses: it has a longer cord and a stair cleaning handle.

    Competing models –
    Hoover LBU, 11 lbs list $300/retail $300 (includes canister), 6 yr warranty
    Riccar RSL5; 8 lbs list $710/ retail $500 (without canister), 3 yr warranty
    Oreck XL Gold: 9 lbs list $600/ retail $500 (includes canister), 5/10 warranty
    Oreck XL Platinum: 9 lbs list $800/ retail $600 (includes canister), 10 yr warranty

    All of these uprights (including the LBU) are similar to commercial models, but you don’t get the same auto carpet height adjustment, lifetime belt, HEPA filtration, and warranty on commercial models.

    The supplementary canister has a strap and a 25 food cord. I didn’t like it the first time I tried it, but the second time I adjusted the strap to fit me (DUH!), and then I LOVED it! The canister carries the crevice and brush attachments on board, so switching is easy, and the wand is extendable. (I don’t use the floor tool, because I use a stick vac on my hardwoods.)

    ADDED ADVICE (9/9/09): I have been using my machine about 6 months. About a month ago, I noticed that my machine was no longer expelling fresh smelling air. I assumed that although the bag was not completely full (after 5 months, in a 2800 sq ft mostly carpeted house), the dust from my 15/16yo carpets had clogged it up and so I replaced it (not bad…5 months for one bag). After replacing the bag, it still didn’t smell as good as at first. Not nasty, just dusty. Hmmm. So I took out the new bag, vacuumed out the interior of the bag area (carefully, so I wouldn’t damage anything), removed the base of the machine and cleaned and vacuumed that out as well (an advantage to a separate canister).

    (Edit 11/13/09) That seemed to pretty much solve it for me, but I asked about it when I called about the battery for my Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum) (see review), and was told that if you live in a very humid climate (like the Gulf Coast), then a cloth bag machine can develop a funky smell – especially if stored in an unventilated area – which can be treated by putting the vaccuum out in the sunshine on a hot, dry day. I was told NOT to use carpet fresh or other powders or spray fresheners (like Febreeze) because the product might build up over time and clog up the outer cloth bag.(END OF ADDED ADVICE)

    If you want details about specific features, read on:


    FINGERTIP CONTROLS – Wonderful. Many models have this type of control now, and now that I have used it I wouldn’t buy one that didn’t have it.

    HEPA SYSTEM – Remarkable. My old vacuum was a HEPA model with HEPA bags, but there is no comparison to this model. The air on this vacuum comes out smelling fabulous. I bought and returned a top rated Kenmore canister that had the exact same amazingly clean exhaust (turns out I don’t like using a canister), so I think this is the new hallmark of quality vacuums.

    AUTO CARPET HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Works beautifully. I used to have to stoop down to change the carpet height adjustment on different rugs, but the LBU self-adjustment really works – no problem pushing vacuum over even the thickest pile.

    CORD PLACEMENT – Smart! It comes out the behind the top of the bag rather than the bottom. This means I have even more useable cord, because I don’t have to hold part of the cord up to avoid running over it.

    CLEANING ABILITY – VERY effective carpet cleaner, my 15 year-old carpets look & feel (to bare feet) remarkably cleaner, and even look & feel newer. Excellent at removing pet hair from carpet. The upright is 5.5 amps with direct air flow, like the Riccar & Oreck models listed. The canister is 7 amps. (The combined total is listed in the product description – very confusing. I suppose that Hoover thought consumers want a 12 amp machine, but amps are like gas mileage; if you get more suction for less amperage it’s like getting better mileage. That’s good, not bad. Plus you won’t blow your fuses!)


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  2. 202 of 203 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally … a Vacuum Cleaning System Worth the Money, May 24, 2009
    Jan Schroeder (Lynchburg, VA) –

    This review is from: Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COM (Kitchen)

    First, a disclaimer of sorts …. I’m a long-term, died-in-the-wool Hoover evangelist. No, I don’t work for Hoover, but I’ve always used them religiously for over 30 years. I’ve tried switching off to other top-of-the-line brands (Oreck, Eureka, Kenmore, etc.), but I always return to Hoover for their unsurpassed cleaning power and reliability.

    That does not, however, mean they were perfect.

    * The Hoover WindTunnel U6439 bagged upright that I’ve had for the last several years would suck up a Buick. Unfortunately, it also rivaled a Buick in the weight category. Although it’s supposedly a “self-propelled” model, I felt like I had to go into training in order to vacuum my house. It became something I would put off because I wasn’t sure I had the strength to wrestle this bulky beast all over my house.

    * The WindTunnel controls which allow you to change the brush height from carpet to floor were manual, hard-to-move levers on the brush housing which required you to shut the machine off in order to properly manipulate them.

    * The HEPA filter on my old WindTunnel seemed to work only for the first few months. After that, all manner of airborne particles would fly around as I vacuumed, even after I cleaned/replaced the filters.

    * Lastly, noise of my previous WindTunnel was something akin to a jet taking off.

    When I saw a TV commercial for the Hoover Platinum series machines, I was definitely intrigued. I loved the idea of getting two separate vacuums together for one price (brilliant marketing idea there, Hoover). But I was skeptical; could the power of a Hoover truly be housed in something that weighs only 11 pounds? I’d tried other lightweight vacuums in the past and their suction was dubious at best.
    I made a beeline for the Internet to start researching. Over a couple of days of intensive reading (yes, I’m very thorough), I decided to continue my trust in Hoover and took the plunge. I bought the entire two-machine system online (eBay) for a total price of $379 (no tax and free shipping).

    Both machines come packaged together in a single tall box which was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home from work. The first thing I noticed was that I could actually lift the entire box into the house without grunting like a Sumo wrestler… that was promising. After removing everything, I was stunned at the weight … or lack thereof … for both machines.

    The physical appearance is very appealing; the upright is sleek and slim with a 35′ long cord, and the canister has tools-on-board, along with an ingenious shoulder strap so you can “wear it” while you vacuum. You will be stunned by how little these machines weigh … a child could easily lift them both. But could they clean?

    When I fired up the Platinum upright, the word that kept coming out of my mouth was WOW. First off, no more jets taking off in my living room … just a pleasing HUM. Second, this impossibly lightweight wonder gives a whole new meaning to the term self-propelled. It seemingly FLOATED over my carpeting all on its own, while still having the suck-up-a-Buick power I expected from a Hoover. It cleaned better in one pass than its older U6439 WindTunnel behemoth cousin did in several passes. I was picking up stuff I didn’t even know was there. How about making a pass underneath your bed, or behind your dresser that you haven’t moved since you moved in 15 years ago? It was astonishing how well this machine worked in just one pass.

    I have a rather large, bulky throw rug in my kitchen that I had been preparing to replace because it had become so un-vacuum-able in recent weeks. The Platinum upright made it look brand new. And hallelujah for a TRUE edge cleaner! Everyone claims to have edge cleaning ability on their uprights, but this one truly delivers on the promise. Think about those sneaky areas in your house where all sorts of stuff lingers … like that dead zone along the baseboards tucked up under the bottom of your kitchen cabinets where they meet the kitchen floor. This Platinum upright sucked up all that debris immediately … right to the edge.

    The maneuverability of the Platinum upright is astonishing. It truly is as light as Hoover claims and it moves as easily as a Dyson. The upright portion of the machine lowers completely parallel to the floor so it really can move under coffee tables with ease. It also moves from carpeting to floors effortlessly with an intelligent, lighted, fingertip control right up there on the handle.

    The HEPA filtration is light-years ahead of my previous WindTunnel … think HEPA with a Hemi under the hood. Yes, I know that bags are expensive, but you can find discounts if you search online and buy in bulk. Plus, I don’t mind paying for a product that truly works … these bags, and this new Platinum HEPA…

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