Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Bagged Canister


The new Hoover WindtTunnel Bagged Canister Vacuum, Model S3670…overall a great machine, but the floor brush and turbo nozzle do not store on the vacuum. I have to get used to the hose, seems sorta flimsy…not a traditional/old school canister hose…


  1. it looks like a miele, quiet like a miele, but I don’t think this performs like a miele…not a bad vac, but one day I will own a miele

  2. Very surprised how quiet it is for a Hoover and for sure the hose seems too short which is too bad. I think that would irritate me

  3. My original WT S3655 canister didn’t last long…so I know what you mean…I only kept this for a few weeks and broutght it back to the store…this wasn’t for me…I invested in a Miele Canister…Love it!


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