Hoover Z 400 or Vax 5x anygood?


I need a vacuum a.s.a.p!my daughter is only 8months old and chokes on everything in the floor!I got a Kenmore three months ago and it broke down three days before i could get my full money back.Thing is this is on clearance for 9.99 (no box,papers just the vac only 30day warn:()We also seen a Vax for 9.99,it comes with the box.Both are pretty hard to push.I like that they have the wind-up cords and are bagless.


  1. Are you on a budget? A lot of vacuums are reasonably priced but are heavy as lead to push and don’t really clean as well as they should. I think (for carpet) the Oreck is great. It is light weight and actually does what it is supposed to! If you would rather spend less, I would recommend either Bissel or Hoover. Rarely should you purchase a vacuum without a full warranty. It is just like buying a used car; something inevitably happens on the 31st day! Target or some other super center usually has a nice selection and are reasonably priced. Bagless ones can be more of a hassle than their counterparts because the filters ( and there are at least two) require cleaning quite often. When you pull off the cylinder, a lot of that debris, dust, dander, etc. ends up right back on the carpet. Decide what is best for you, but make sure it is new with a full warranty!


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