My house has a lot of dust. I clean and clean the next day…


nalie need help to clarify doubt about : My house has a lot of dust. I clean and clean the next day all the furnitures is filled with dust again. why
Does anyone else has this problem, why do I have so much dust in my home? It’s really frustrating dealing with so much dust. I CLEAN AND CLEAN THEY JUST KEEP COMING. … HELPPPP!

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Answer by kimballama
I can think of a few reasons so I will list them and maybe you can figure out what it is. Do you have a good vacuum cleaner? Is it doing a good job of picking up the dust. When you dust use something like Endust which you can spray on your cloth and it will catch the dust not just move it around. Vacuum your stuffed furniture often and shake things out outside if you can. Wipe up your floors with a damp cloth and that will pick up the dust. I use Swifters which you can get in the grocery store but I live alone so I do not stir up much dust. The more people in your house the more dust you will have. Are your windows open? A lot of dirt can come in from outside with the wind. Try some of these things and hopefully it will help. Housework is an endless job and I hear you.

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  1. If you have an air cleaner or a computer they create dust. also try to use endust on your furniture somehow that doesn’t attract lint. And dust last.Maybe your vacuum isn’t picking up properly and you are just walking the dust back into the room each time . I have a problem with cobwebs- I can clean clean clean and do the webs and go back in the room a half hour later and voila! there another cobweb. Spiders must love me.

  2. Have you ever wondered why most Oriental homes don’t allow shoes in the house? Have a shoe rack for visitor’s shoes and have them enter in their socks or maybe barefooted to keep all that dirt from entering your home.

  3. Start off by changing the filter more often. You may have 2 depending on the furnace you have. One may be a 4″ filter and one may be 16×25. (Common size) The 16×25 is less expensive than the 4″. I suggest the Corrugated 3 pack about 9-10 dollars at your local Lowe’s store. If the problem continues, You may need your duct work cleaned out. A 2000 Sq. Ft. House can range from 7-1200.00 depending on your market. Good Luck

  4. Use a higher grade/more expensive filter in your air conditioning/heating unit, and change it every month. Keep your windows and doors closed. Vacuum furniture. Damp mop floors. Clean ceiling fans.

  5. your air ducts likely need to be cleaned. look inside of your vents and if you see any accumulation it likely need to be cleaned. Too, you may have a crack in the seals where your ductwork is and as your air unit kicks on, it sucks some of the dust from your attic into your house. If you have indoor animals or have not done so in the past…you are supposed to run a cup of bleach through the drain pipe where your air unit is. If it gets clogged, it can start sending out dust as well as eventually freeze up on you. If the clog is really bad, it wouldn’t hurt to shoot some air into it from a compressor. I had to do this in a house I owned and the people had a few cats before we got the house. What came out of the pipe outside was really disgusting.


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