How do I clean the inside of a Playstation 3?


Ronald L need help to clarify doubt about : How do I clean the inside of a Playstation 3?
The inside is getting dust on it that is actually visible. How do I clean the inside of it? I don’t wan’t my $ 500 system to not work anymore.

Try this:

Answer by gofish1985
the ps3 doesnt get dust on the iniside thats why there is a thin cover between when u insert the game

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  1. Then dont open it unless you know what you’re doing. Use an air-can to blow the dust. You can find these at any electronics store and even at Target.

  2. Contact a electronics store in your area and ask them if they will clean your ps3 for you and how much it will cost. Unless you are qualified do not take your ps3 apart yourself or it will void your warranty. Contact a place that sells the ps3 and ask them where you should go to have your ps3 professionally cleaned?

  3. grab a can of pressurised air, then blow out the dust, then maybe run a hoover pipe across the vents to suck up any leftover loose dust.
    Don’t open up the case, there’s a sticker on the side that clearly(though in very small text) tells you to not do this. Don’t even get a electronics store to do it, especially for the sake of a bit of dust.


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