1. There are several kind on the market so can’t quote cost. Mine is an Eureka Altima, comes with atatchment hose, xtension, nozel and furnature tool and a self cleaning ceiling fan and blind brush in small cylinder on the side.
    The basket and several filters are easy to remove to empty and clean. I have even used it’s hose to clean off it’s outside when needed. It uses what are called Heppa filters for dust etc and they too are washable. Got mine used for $30 at a flee mkt couple years ago and love it. I did break the brush a while back and when I replaced it I also got new filters and a belt. If you wash the filters each time you dump the basket they should last for years. The basket is large enough that you only have to dump it about the same as replacing a bag. The brush did cost me just over $ 30 but the belt and filters was under $ 10. Oh, my wife loves it too.

  2. The best filters are HEPA and they are more expensive than bags, but they can last longer and some are reusable. The bagless vacuums can be pretty messy, though. They make bags with good filtering capability. And in any case, I prefer to just change a bag and be done with the mess.


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