I need a good vacuum, any suggestions?


I’d like one that is an upright, and that is bagless. I would like it to be easy to use. I have a rainbow, and it’s great…but it is a "PITB" to use 🙂 So I’m going to purchase another one. Please give me any advice. Thanks so much


  1. dyson. but there are cheaper models now than there used to be. if you have a sam’s card, they carry them there and you’ll save about $100. it works great and no bag. and if you suck up a hair tie, small toy, or other thing that should never have been on the floor, you can see it through the clear cup and pick it out rather easily.

  2. I’ve had a Dyson for years and its been a great vacuum.

    If you have pets or have allergies I would recommend a roomba as a second vacuum – It picks up pet hair great and can get under things a normal vacuum can’t.

  3. I have a Hoover Windtunnel & LOVE it!!! It is the Bagless one. I have cats & it picks up EVERYTHING!!! The 3 Hepa Filters catch all of the dust BEAUTIFULLY!!! Its much cheaper then a Dyson too.

  4. the dysons and other vacs are great, but are very expencive. may i suggest a Eureka altima from home depot…80 bucks with washable filters and a self cleaning dust wand.

  5. Bissel makes a huge assortment of bagless uprights. Cheaper ones starting at around $60 up to around $200 for specialties. I like the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum. It features a HEPA media filter, pet hair lifter, and 2x cyclonic action. Most importantly, it has a bagless, easy empty dirt container, twist and snap hose, and quick release cord wrap. Very easy to use. Excellent value for the price you pay. Around $160

  6. I have a HOOVER-SAVVY and I simply LOVE it….! It’s an upright-bagless with HEPA filter(s). It has onboard attachements and really has good suction power… I have 2 toddlers and a large breed dog that sheds! This vacuum really does work. I also clean at a house where they have 3 dogs that shed… It does a GREAT job!

    I’ve "tested" my vacuum many times… I used my "clients" vacuum which looked like it worked well… It was an older bag model that had just come back from the repair store… I put in a NEW bag and vacuumed it seemed OK but, just to check I revacuumed the area with my HOOVER-SAVYY and WOW was I surprised! I had to empty my bagless vacuum twice when I was done! YUCK! And to think I thought the carpets were cleaned… I vacuum my home and my clients homes EVERYDAY… It’s amazing what I empty from my vacuum!

    The HOOVER-SAVVY cost way less than a DYSON about $160-$200. I would also OPT for the extended warranty just to keep up with repairs and maintance and it’s still cheaper than a DYSON by about 1/2!

    good luck


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