I need a new vacuum!!! what kind to buy?


I was wondering if anyone has a hoover vacuum and if they like it? I am looking at purchasing one soon. I defenitly am not buying a dyson. I have 2 dogs and have been told that bagless vacuums are not a good vacuum for dog hair.

What about a fuller Vacuum???


  1. I have two cats that shed like wildebeasts, so I checked Consumer Reports before purchasing my latest vac last June.

    #1 ranked for pethair was the Kenmore Elite $300
    #2 ranked for pethair was the Eureka Boss Smartvac $148 (Sears.)

    I bought the Eureka. I love it. It uses bags and it even has an attachment which is called a power paw. It works fabulous on picking up pet hair. I would recommend it over and over for people who have pets.

    *I used to have a Hoover WindTunnel. I didn’t like that vac very much. It was very heavy and the hoses leaked, so often there was a lot of dust which wasn’t being picked up or was being redistributed back into the air.

  2. When looking for a new vacuum brand name is not all that important to me. I look for the amps. More amps, more power, better job. Also design and amount of rows of bristles for lifting the dirt to be vacummed. I use an Oreck because the dirt is dropped in from the top not pushed up through the dirt already in the bag that has settled back down to the bottom.


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