If you are starting a cleaning company what vacuum would you buy that


If you are starting a cleaning company what vacuum would you buy that works great & affordable? I just want one that doesnt get stuffed up easily and can do stairs really well with its other things they have on the vacuum. It seems like the one you get at Walmart and best buy; the bagless ones seem to always stop for one reason or the other; I dont mind buying a one that has a bag I just want one that I never have to worry about getting clogged up all the time; all the ones I buy clog up all the time and I have to sit and figure out how to get it unclogged and get a hanger wire out and all this crap; I want a really good vacuum; but I dont want to pay 0 or anything like that. Why are commercial ones so good. I just want one that will get thru an entire house over and over and suck it all up without clogging. I need advice. I found a great carpet cleaner on ebay; does anyone know of a really realiable vacuum; do I need to get a commericial vacuum or what do I need to get can anyone please give me some recommendations. Thanks I really appreciate it.


  1. Stay away from dirt devil!!! I cleaned houses for several years and found that Kenmore is affordable and reliable. Bag less or not , be sure to clean it out everyday and change the filters every few months. Look before you vacuum so not to snag up someone’s valuables or crap they left laying around. Go to a vac repair shop and ask if they have good used commercial units for sale. Could save you hundred’s of dollars on a really good model.

  2. I use Hoover’s for my business. They have a mini vac that does a wonderful job on stairs and hard surfaces, it also works well on furniture and you just dump out the bag and put it back in. You can also wash the bag. They also have a commercial bagless vacuum that works wonderfully. If your looking for an all in one like one you strap on your back those are good but my sister-in-law uses one and ends up having to empty it like 3 times per house.


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