iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot


iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot

  • Vacuuming robot picks up dirt and debris with the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-empty bagless dustbin; fine-filtration system traps allergens
  • Anti-tangle technology; gentle-touch bumper system; built-in cliff sensors
  • 1 Virtual Wall, extra filter, and more included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

500 Series robots feature that latest robot technologies from iRobot, including an updated cleaning system and coverage patterns. Includes one Virutal Walls that tells Roomba where to clean by restricting off-limit areas. Roomba efficiently cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture and along walls, and automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors. ¿ 1 iRobot Roomba 510 ¿ 1 Virtual Wall® * ¿ 1 Power Supply (3 hour charge time) ¿ 1 Brush Cleaning Tool ¿ 1 Rechargeable Battery ¿ 1 Extra Filter ¿ 1 Bumper Extension ¿ 1 Year Limited Warranty * Requires 2 D batteries (not included)

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 189.00


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  1. 57 of 58 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Don’t buy this model!, April 18, 2008
    esanta “esanta” (San Jose, CA USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

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    This review is from: iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot (Kitchen)

    No, this is not going to be a review telling you how awful the Roomba is. Actually, the 510 is a really wonderful maintenance robot. The problem is that for just a little more you can get the Roomba 530 which comes with the Home Base. What that means is you never have to plug in your Roomba to recharge it: whenever it’s done cleaning it automatically goes back to the home base for charging. Although the Home Base is available separately, it is not compatible with this model, leaving you with no upgrade path should you ever want this extremely convenient feature.
    More expensive models have a timer for programmable operation (Roomba 560) and even a remote control (Roomba 580t).
    All models are identical in terms of performance. The diminutive size and quiet operation would lead you to believe these are little toys akin to hand vacs… until you get back to a thoroughly cleaned room.
    I set the 510 loose on the cats room, where the little devils send litter flying everywhere. The room has hardwood floors and an area rug. When I came back, the Roomba was sitting proudly in the middle of the room, and the rug was spotless. There was hardly a trace of litter or cat hair on the hardwood floors, either.
    So, the Roomba is definitely a thumbs up. However, I wish I had paid more attention to the product line and at least picked the model that docks back to the home base. The 510 is potentially a tripping hazard, so it’s well worth the extra fifty dollars to move up to the model 530.

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  2. 22 of 22 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Basic, fine model., April 30, 2008
    Alexandra B. Cannon (Reston VA) –

    This review is from: iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot (Kitchen)

    I have my Roomba for about a month now, and I’m generally pleased with him. I reduced my vacuuming chores at least in half. I ‘m gonna say right away: Roomba is a good robot, and just an okay vacuum. Convenience between doing your own cleaning is THE ONLY factor that you should be looking for when considering Roomba. If you are looking for a superior suction and a super clean job – this vacuum is NOT going to deliver that! Go buy a normal vacuum that you push yourself.

    – he is VERY easy to operate
    – virtual wall works 100%
    – he’s very smart: knows when to slow down, when to stop (e.g. a step next to the lower area of the house), when to turn around the corner or a table leg. He knows when to circle around an exceptionally dusty area
    – He DUSTS pretty well, picking about 85-90% of dust, small leaves and small particles, including metal nuts. I have two dogs, and Roomba sucks up the dog hair fairly good.
    – he is exceptionally good on berber-type rugs
    – he cleans one huge room on one charge.Sometimes two rooms
    – although he seems to be moving in a random pattern, after 45 minutes he covers the whole room. Don’t watch him. Leave him alone and just come back later, you will notice the difference
    – emptying dust container is easy
    – he never got stuck on any room and rug transition areas

    – Roomba needs a room to roam: if you have tight spaces with bunch of furniture, planters, stuff on the floor- Roomba will be less efficient in cleaning your house, because his patterns are affected by the amount of bumping he will be doing.
    – Roomba is not that good on the high-pile carpeting: he seems to just brush over debris that he otherwise picks without problems when on a berber rug
    – he is less efficient on hard wood floors as well, as he just spreads the dirt around a lot before picking it up
    – cleaning brushes is not difficult, BUT time consuming
    – He scares the dogs

    I had done quite a lot of research and decided on this basic, least expensive, but fairly current model.Now, do I regret that I didn’t get the fancy model with scheduling that would add $100? NO!! The same goes for base self-return that would add another $50. I don’t mind bending over to pick him and place him for charging myself.

    Anyway, I do recommend this unit. If only he had suction of my Eureka – that would eliminate ALL vacuuming on my part!! Hence 4 stars

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