Kirby Tradition vs. Dyson DC-04 HEPA Absolute+ whatever


This video is a “just for fun” video, everyone who knows me on youtube and elsewhere knows my opinion of Dysons… Anyway, I pitch the Dyson against my Kirby Tradition, both are bagless (the Tradition being fitted with a Shake-out bag), both have 2 handfuls of shredded paper and both have an equal playing field, so, which does the best? Well, watch and see… 😉


  1. It’s not you know, they Dyson can not out perform a Kirby, ever… 🙂

    And fixing it would take a miracle, most of it’s probably been melted doen by now… 😛

  2. Problem with a kirby that it is too big and I live in a small cottage and I suffer allergys and it’s American. Dyson is a British Hoover and HEPA filter and dosent cost anything

  3. I live in a small hose but I still use it!!! And as for allergies, I have an HEPA setup for it too, which works better than the Dyson one does, and the cost of my Tradition in total (modifications, bags, fans etc.) has been less, that’s right, LESS than a brand new Dyson… 🙂

    As for being American, yes, that’s true, it’s also 28 years old, the British (but made across the globe in China!!!) Dyson about 5 or 6 and it was falling apart at the seams…

    I know which I would prefer to have… 😉

  4. I have a g4 and ultimate g and I think my grandma has a classic 3 she does not use it because it isto heavey for her but I love my kirbies put a dyson up against my ultimate its 4-5 years old it would woop its ass and the dyson does not shampoo carpets.

  5. we had a dyson DC03 & floor selector went 2 year l8r, after tht said never having a dyson again, altho dyson clean carpets better coz no bags/filters to clog, its made of cheap plastic so breaks easily, now we have VAX Swift that 6 years old & still like brand new, kirbys r gd bt heavy & they use last gen technology, cyclonic has replaced bag and filter technology, therefore cleaner than bagged, yeah u empty bin more but better than hoovering with clogged kirby leaving hidden dirt behind

  6. I’ve never had a Kirby clog up on me when using their latest polypropylene filter bags, and the great thing about a bagged vacuum, when you change the bag, you change the filter, bagless technology still has a way to go cos when you empty the bin, you don’t clean the filter, and that gradually ends up clogged, so go figure… :\

    The reason why Kirby haven’t changed is cos they know that changing what works is a bad idea, if you continually change things, it stops working… 🙂

  7. yeah i’ve done that before with a dc07 sucking up a pile of grit with the brushes and the stinking dyson clogged up.
    that seemed awful.

  8. ok so do you mean that dysons are good at cleaing but they are fragile as hell? well my dc03 was like that and dc04 silver lime .


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