LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum


LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum

LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum

  • Motorized compression system compacts dirt and greatly reduces the dust cloud when emptying the bin allowing you to pick up three times more dirt before emptying versus non-compressor models
  • DualForce suction uses two additional air pathways to pick up dirt from both sides in addition to the traditional center section creating a wider suction area
  • The lightest vacuum in LG?s family of products with all the power of the full size vacuum
  • Collapsable handle for more compact storage and the lighter weight makes it easier to maneuver around your home
  • Convenient and long 30 foot cord

The LG LuV250C KOMPRESSOR Compact PetCare Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, feature-packed vacuum contained within an efficient, compact design. The KOMPRESSOR technology allows you to pick up 3 times more dirt, dust and pet hair before emptying it. It has a telescoping handle that collapses for easy storage. And the DualForce suction lets you clean a wide surface area and get to hard-to-reach edges.

List Price: $ 249.00

Price: $ 249.00


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  1. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressive Vacuum – Especially for the Price, August 4, 2011

    This review is from: LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum (Misc.)

    I just bought this vacuum today and since I read some reviews about the other models in the LG vacuum lineup having a overheatimg issue, I immediately vacuumed my whole house to see if there were any problems – there were none. I think some people using the LG uprights are not emptying the canister and a build up of debris causes the machine to overheat and shut off. I have 6 dogs and a cat and vacuum every day. This vacuum has very good suction ( in my opinion better than Dyson and made better too). I have researched bagless uprights ALL OVER the internet with reviews, ratings, comparison charts, and also joined Consumer Reports (who by the way recommends the LG 400, 300, and 200 models).

    I was looking for a lightweight bagless vacuum with a carpet height adjustment, brush roller on/off switch, handle height adjustment, debris canister that empties from the bottom, a decent hose length, and I have always liked a machine with quick extension handle removal to use with the attachments. This machine has everything I was looking for with very good suction.

    The only down side is LG customer service – I called them 3 times for information prior to my purchase and I got incompetent, rude people on the phone. I hope if I have a warranty issue that I will be treated better. If you do need warranty repairs, LG will send you a box to ship the vacuum to them so I suspect the turned around time would be 3 to 4 weeks at the least. I will update this review as time goes on with my new vacuum, but for now I am very pleased with my purchase.

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  2. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Review after having Dyson dc25, electrolux, and Shark., September 3, 2011
    Scott (CO) –

    This review is from: LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum (Misc.)

    The LG is a well built vacuum that has very good suction. The most of any of the four. I would say that this vac gives you the most for your money by a ways. I paid 249.99 minus 20% with a bed bath coupon. I have just bought this vacuum today after a return of an Electrolux that has an unacceptable issue. (The Auto brush shut off activates if you vacuum a rug. Customer service has no answers or fixes for problem.)
    I also had the Shark from a different purchase a few months back and this vac resides in the basement and is used mainly just for stairs.
    Let me break it down with bullet points pros and cons:
    LG Kompressor:
    Very good suction(best of the group)
    Lightweight and fairly maneuverable. 7 out of 10 on maneuverability. Dyson ball (dc25) being the best by quit a bit. Shark being second due to small head size and weight.
    Very decent build quality. Just behind the Dyson by a very small margin. Even better in the base release section. Canister, buttons and latches not quite as good as the Dyson, but better than the Electrolux and Shark.
    Good compaction for storage. Design is very well engineered. Very easy to break out the hose and easy to replace.
    Brush dis-assembly is difficult for clogs and hair build up. You need a screwdriver and it takes about 3 times longer than the Dyson or the Electrolux.
    Pretty noisy. It may have good power but it also has the noise to go with it. Loudest of the group.
    Definitely ranks number 1 for value. Longevity on this unit remains to be seen.

    Electrolux Nimble:
    Leaves the carpet looking beautiful. Very smooth trails. Feels good to use. Pushes with realetive ease and has very decent suction on the vacuum end. Not very good on the attachment hose though. Actually it is really bad on the hose end. I am not sure why it is so weak?
    The unit is easy to dispose the canister and has a very sophisticated, smooth like design.
    Cons: Critical flaw in the brush bar sensor. It will turn off on you if you are on certain rug type surfaces and to reset this you must remove the bottom plate. Unacceptable and this was a quick return.
    After this flaw nothing else really mattered to me.
    Heavy and it is not so nimble as the turning canister does not really affect the way the bottom of the unit rolls being it is designed like a normal vacuum. Seems more like a selling gimmicky type thing. Build quality is low. I do not see tat vac making the test of time.

    Dyson DC25 Ball:
    This still is the best overall vacuum if this group. Good suction, great build, unreal maneuverability, easy to use attachments, great on all floors. Price is much higher. If that is not a factor then definitely go with the Dyson but if money is then the clear winner for value is the LG. Keeping in mind that I have not had the test of time with this unit. My Dyson is still running strong. Only one return on it as the bottom release mechanism broke on me twice. One I was able to repair myself. The other required a return. There was no real fix as the parts would bind slightly and not release the bottom without a large pop. This would have been a costly repair if not warranty covered and it might not be considering that Dyson could say that it was caused by neglect or rough use. That would depend on who and what hind of day an individual was having that would clear this type of repair. Right Dyson. (LOL) Most everything else on these units is a pro.
    Base release is chincey. Wand release could be a bit better. The LG and the Nimble both are a bit better I think.

    Shark Navigator:
    Suction average.
    Decent maneuverability. Light weight. Easy to empty. Decent over design of functionality. Convenience in design.
    Feels very cheap and unrewarding to use. I did not like it one bit. It felt very cheap and the quality of the build is low. Design is alright but quality is poor.
    Least favorite of the four except for the fatal flaw of the Electrolux nimbles auto stop brush and no reset button for it. Only is the Electrolux did not have that it may have ended up my living room vacuum due to the feel, low decibel and look.

    Value #1 is the LG but Loud.
    Dyson number one overall except for price and base release issues. so it gets #2
    Then the other two, well I guess to each his own. Some people seem happy with the Nimble and others like the shark but I wouldn’y go for either unless you need a top priority stair vac then the shark is a good pic.

    Hope his helps.
    Have a GREAT day!

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